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Email – February 27, 2015

Joanne is amazing.  She comforted me greatly and she didn’t even know me.  I will never forget her interrupting herself from a group reading, saying, “Who is Lucy and why is March 17 so important to her?”  I said, “I’m Lucy; and March 17 was my 60th birthday.”  She said, “He’s been shouting at me and wants you to know he’s sending you flowers.”  Of course I burst into tears (it was only 5 months after he passed) but it was such a comfort to me that there is another side and he’s watching over me, trying to reach out.

Lucy B.
Key West, FL

Email – February 27, 2015

I spoke to Joanne the night after my beloved husband suddenly passed.  She was spot on as usual, and very helpful.   She knew the cause was a heart attack and what he was wearing when he passed.   She even knew that our daughter held his blue t shirt and cried and said he was there with her and knew she had the shirt.

Gabrielle N.
Key West FL

Email – February 4, 2015

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reading last Friday, January 31st.  You were very uplifting and spiritual.  You gave me hope that pressures in my life will improve with faith and perseverance.  Again thank you.

Anita D.
New Brunswick NJ


Email – January 7, 2015

Just wanted to express my appreciation, gratitude, and thank you for such an awesome reading.  It was lovely to connect with my mom, dad, and aunt.  You truly are blessed with a unique gift as many things were so spot on.  And so many things in just 30 minutes was truly remarkable.

Jeannie K.
Yuma, AZ


Email – November 15, 2014

I attended my second event last night at the EastConn location and again left feeling. ..well…I don’t really have the words to describe the feelings but peaceful is certainly one. It’s amazing to watch while ones loved one are receiving their message, how quiet and hesitant they can be with their responses. The utter attention from the rest of us it feels.  Like all of our energy is being shifted over to that person during that reading. Though I didn’t receive a message either time, I felt how moving the experience was for me from watching others receive their messages. I thank Joanne for sharing her gift.

Caroline H.
Hampton, CT


Email – October 31, 2014

I attended one of your events last evening at the Hyatt House and was awed!! I am a true skeptic and was desperate to connect with my Mom and you made it happen.  My husband was there to witness this!!!  Thank you so much for the validation it really helps to process such a life altering situation.

Jean S.
Boston, MA


Email – April 14, 2014

Hi Joanne –

A little over two years ago, I posted a question on your online psychic chat at boston.com.  I asked you if my husband and I were going to be able to have a baby in the near future. You told me that we would be welcoming a baby girl in late 2012 and you were correct. We now have an amazing 16 month old girl.

Boston, MA


Email – April 5, 2014

Hi Joanne,

Thank you for another spectacular evening. I have been at your events three times and have been blessed in receiving three readings. The accuracy of your messages have been unbelievable. Just wanted to thank you again for sharing your gift and blessings.

Kathy M.
Boston, MA


Email: March 18, 2014

Dear Joanne;

Over a year ago, I had a mediumistic reading with you. It was truly astonishing. You mentioned names of two of my grandparents, and their origin. You described the place I was living in, my hobbies and career. You mentioned certain details that were phenomenal confirmation both of your excellence and of the spiritual world.

B. Hall
London, England


Email: March 17, 2014

I had my long awaited reading with Joanne on Sunday March 9th. Joanne was so kind and gentle.  She amazed me from the first thing she told me , as I had asked my mother to please mention this for my validation. Joanne started with my moms ring and the fact that I had JUST put it on for my reading and the rest of my time with her just got better and better. She knew my family by name, I could NOT believe she called my mother by her first name right out of the gate, and she just continued to tell me the names of my family that were with my mom and there was no hesitation. I was so amazed with this wonderful lady and all three things that I needed to know for me to feel she was truly gifted, as I had read about her.  She brought all three things up in my reading. I was a skeptic, but not any longer!

Joanne is truly a amazing medium with such a special gift from the Lord. I could not thank her enough, for my time with her, has given mesuch a peace in my heart. I have grieved over my mother for 5 years and I now know that she iso.k. and she happy, and that is all I needed to know. Joanne did this for me over the phone, so if anyone is curious if she can truly connect via phone, I am here to tell you , YES she can and YES she did. I am forever grateful to this beautiful lady!!

God Bless,
Traci L.
Vassar, MI


From www.famouspsychicmediums.com: September 23, 2013

Joanne is an original, entertaining and occasionally an “offbeat” psychic who we’ve really enjoyed watching, and also has one of the more impressive lists of credentials and certifications from both the scientific and the spiritual communities alike.


From www.famouspsychicmediums.com: August 12, 2013

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Joanne do live readings for a small audience, and am always impressed by her soft touch and entertaining approach to the whole idea of spirituality, karma and connection…and brings something very special to the table – an intangible but immediately likable quality that is hard to define – and unfortunately, difficult to discern in many other teachers, mediums, mentors and “spiritual gurus” that permeate this space.


Email: September 25, 2012

I was so touched and so blessed to have messages delivered by Joanne from my grandmother and godmother.  My grandmother has been gone for 15 years and considering she was very shy in this life, I had accepted the fact that she would probably never come through and speak to me.

When Joanne turned, looked directly at me and pointed at me and said “who is Florence?” – I almost fell off my seat!  The way that Joanne conveyed her messages came through with my grandmother’s personality.  Little things about my grandmother’s mannerisms and the way she said things could only be relayed by someone (Joanne) who was truly speaking to her.  It was intimate and amazing and the icing on the cake was when Joanne asked about the locket!  My daughter, who was sitting next to me, had been grasping it in her hand since we left home that evening.  Unknown to me, my daughter was asking her nana to please come through and was rubbing the picture of my grandmother in the locket.  Needless  to say, all of us (including Joanne) got the chills!

Joanne is incredibly down to earth, genuine and warm.  I am simply amazed and feel so fortunate to have had a reading by her!

Grace M.
Danvers, MA

Email: September 9, 2012


Hello, my name is Megan and I attended the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism for the first time this morning. I have experienced mediumship before, and was told by my Papa (through a medium): “It doesn’t matter who or when you go see a medium, I will come through EVERY time”. That was about six months ago, so I knew that if I went to see you and hear your presentation this morning, my Papa would come through. He was the first spirit that you made a connection with. I just wanted to thank you for the gift that you shared with me and the entire congregation this morning. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I hope to see you again!


Email: July 12, 2012

Hi Joanne

Thank you. :)

If you want contact with those you love in spirit, you really need Joanne.  I was a huge skeptic but due to my personal experiences including OBEs I went on a quest to find the best medium that can confirm things for me. I  have to be really honest here and remind people, those with genuine mediumship are quite rare, especially accurate ones. What a marvelous gift. Joanne is an amazing medium let me really say a true medium.  I honestly couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

During my reading I felt my beautiful husband, she has truly blown me away. She did not only name him but also a perfect description of him as well as mentioning about his passing & about our furry babies & so much more.

After the reading something incredible occurred it is not the first time, I kept getting flashes of thoughts & I knew my husband was still there so I started writing things down it was like a 2 way chat but not actually speaking & yep it was him.

I had other readings previously & Joanne completely knocked me off my feet. To me, having a reading with Joanne  was absolutely priceless. It’s an absolute honour.

Love is the greatest energy. It may not be for everyone this kind of contact but as we say & I totally agree that if we are more than our physical bodies than why cant we maintain that loving relationship that we shared in a physical form.

Also do your research find things out for yourself too, it’s experience that will really change how you view life. Joanne can & will confirm that our loved ones are around us & they are just a thought away. Thank you Joanne you are truly brilliant.

Andrea G.
Cape Town, South Africa

Email: June 24, 2012


I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful messages and validation you brought forth of my beloved Uncle who passed away suddenly two years ago. I attended one of Joanne’s events in Franklin, MA and though I had a few doubts, they were completely erased when the first spirit to come through during the event was my Uncle.

Joanne gave such accurate descriptions of him and his personality, down to the thick black rimmed glasses he wore. I had asked in prayer numerous times for my Uncle to show me somehow that he was okay, and Joanne allowed me to see that he is no longer suffering from his emphysema that he obtained after working at Ground Zero as a fireman. I think Joanne may have spoken about my Uncle for a good 15-20 minutes, going on and on about my Uncle himself as well as things currently going on in my life that he knew about, even though he was no longer living.

I am so grateful my Uncle pushed his way through and that Joanne was able to bring me evidence that he is okay and still with me. The thing that caught me the most was of how she asked me, “Do you talk to your Uncle? Out loud?” When I told her I did, and all the time, she said, “Well, he hears you. Don’t worry.” Joanne, you have such a gift.

Thank you so much,

Jennifer S.
Peabody, MA