Email: August 18, 2012


Thank you for your amazing gift. It was very comforting and joyful. Oddlly enough, the young boy Brendan- you spoke of that was killed by a drunk driver- it was his birthday the day I saw you. My daughter was very comforted by listening to that portion of the tape. That was a true gift for her. Thank you.

There were so many things that you could not have known about- Alice- the coffee mocha’s and coffee ice cream- Annie her friend, the boat,- She told you very happy and loving things in our life. The most comforting one was the roses in the stones in their back yard and them sitting there looking out on the garden and pool on their swing. I told my Father that, and he was truly comforted.

I hope we meet again- You are gracious, kind, inspirational, and it was an experience I loved. Not knowing anything about aura’s, it was nice to read what you said about mine.
I wish you great joy in your life, and lots of laughter with good friends and good times-

Thank you,

MT – Las Vegas, NV

Email, June 10, 2012

Hi Joanne,

I attended your event this past Friday, 6/8 at Heaven on Earth along with my sister.

We feel blessed and so thankful that we were able to connect to our loved ones that night. We were truly amazed and blown away with all the information and powerful messages you delivered to us.

I am especially happy you were able to connect with my father in-law whose messages to his son were so needed. I still keep hearing how you said “He knows I am trying to get him to be open to all of this and how I keep telling him to talk to him.” I was just telling my husband this the night before I was coming to see you. I kept telling him to pray to his Dad and ask his him to come through. He is still processing all of this information and I think still “in shock”!

I again just want to thank you for a truly blessed night and for connecting us to our family. You are truly gifted at what you do and I can’t wait to come and see you again and hopefully bring my husband! Lol


Marisa R

Email, June 10, 2012

Dear Joanne,

My daughter and I came to your June 1, 2012 event in Waltham and we were so lucky to be one of those who had spirit come through. For us it was my father-in-law, who we love very much. You mentioned a couple things that I was not sure about, one being that he had special memories of Revere Beach with my mother in law. I asked my mother in law and she verified that they do indeed have special memories of Revere Beach. Also, you said that he was putting his hands over his ears saying, “the bugle is too loud” (Uncle played the bugle) and she verified that he did used to do to this when near loud music. Everything else during the reading I could verify and it was all true. We miss him so much.Thank you for a great reading and experience.

Rhoda A. – Burlington, MA

Email received May 25, 2012

Hi Joanne;

Just wanted to say thank you for my reading today. You told me so many things that only my late husband could have relayed to you. I need to tell you when you mentioned the Star of David with a cross in it, that was for our son who is a Rabbi in Tampa Florida and his friend his of the catholic faith. I know only Bob could have told you this. I have some closure now to his sudden death. I am so happy to have talked with you and you are truly blessed with being a Medium.

Thank you once again.

Kathy – Frackville, PA

Email – March 5, 2012

Good Morning Joanne,

I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with my reading on Saturday. So many of the things you told me were helpful and reassuring.

The image of the long corridor with many doors really touched a chord with me. You made me realize that many of the choices I have pondering do not really need to be addressed at this time and I was relieved to be able to give myself permission to let go of those choices for the time being. You said that my spirit guide was telling me “Want it-Will it” and that also made me realize that when it is clear that I want something in the corridor I WILL open the door and the time will be right. You shared many wonderful things with me about my son. I have always known that he is a very special and gifted child. The things you shared with me about my friend were also so insightful and helped me to better understand how he ticks. It was like all the little notches on a lock clicking into place…oh, now I get it! Really, I could go on and on. My friend and I are so thrilled that we had these readings done. Thank you again and we will look forward to seeing you next October in Willimantic!

God Bless You…

Ginny – Willimantic, CT


Hi Joanne,

Thank you so much for yesterday, it was wonderful!! I realize you probably don’t remember details from one reading to the next but I wanted to let you know that my coworker (and friend) was here yesterday though not in my office, and when I shared the reading with her, her brother and father are both deceased, Joe and Robert who you brought in together with music, and they are both musicians. Wish I had known, realized it was a message there for her!

today is my daughter’s 31st birthday, she passed when she was 23, and having you connect me with her this week was a great gift.

Thanks again!


Email, January 17, 2012:

Finally someone who convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that my husband lives on in spirit. Not only was Joanne able to describe him physically, including his beautiful blue eyes, but also his military cut of hair, his famous smile, his age, what he did for a living,and the tools he used, the fact that I was wearing his wedding band over mine, that he was a good cook and his special dish was chili, that he passed this month around my sons birthdays, that my birthday is next month and that he always gave me red roses. The hits just went on and on. She knew about my health, my feet, what my husband passed from, and that he didn’t get to say goodbye to me. I’ve already relistened to the recording of the session several times and had a great cry and feel so good. Thanks so much for validating that life does go on, that he even is with his favorite dalmation Lady in the hereafter. I’m so glad I finally got a reading with you. Thanks for giving me some hope and joy back. May God bless you. Keep your gift and compassion for all that follow me, they will not be dissapointed.

Much love,

Korina – Colorado Springs, CO

Email, January 5th, 2012:

My husband and I came to see you at an event in November. I was hoping to talk to my daughter, because this month was particularly grueling, come four years. Sometimes it feels real fresh and raw, like it just happened. Other times seems like forever since I had her here with me. We enjoyed the show immensely. I wanted to point out how accurate you were.

When you were talking to a family you kept saying someone with a “SH” name, you said like and you said a couple of names, the people you were talking too keep saying no. They you said Elizabeth they said they had a great-grandmother, you were silent for a moment then said she liked to bake, they said they never met her. Then you were said oak, something with oak, street, crest or place but oak is in the name.

I noticed that when you were talking about name starting with “SH” sound, and “Oak” you became vivacious. I have seen psychic’s and mediums’ before and they always announce when they are changing spirits,(saying I lost them or they are getting weak.). While you were talking to a family, I never thought that another spirit was sending you information. I also didn’t want try to claim “SH” and make it fit, you know how you basically said, “if I say grandmother, we all have grandmothers. Please listen for more information.” While you were still talking to the family, after you said Oak Crest, you said Billy! I raised my hand and said that’s me. I was in such awe , I forgot the things you had asked us to do, These things have been running through my mind since we saw you.

My daughter had died in a fire. Her name was Shyla (SH sound), she had two best friends one is Elizabeth. Name of the street we live on is Oakhurst .When you came to me you said something happened in our house, I said no, was so focused on my daughter, she had died in her boyfriend Billy’s house. You told me my parent’s are with my daughter. My mother died in the house on Oakhurst (My son found her in back hall halfway over stairs, we were told she fell down stairs) She actually died from broken heart syndrome,dad just died 11 weeks earlier. My father died of cancer on his hip, which you stated how he was limping for a while. My dad thought he pulled a muscle while walking one day when he lost his footing. When it lasted too long went to Dr. found cancer 11 months later he died.

You said Shyla was with a child, I had made her get an abortion , and you had the child’s age right. You said to me my daughter wasn’t a child when I lost her, I said true then you said she was 25, I said no she was 21 when she died, you were right Shyla’s 25th birthday was August that just past. You also stated you saw many bottles of prescription medicine and a troubled life .Shyla was traumatized at very young age. Began treatment for PTSD at age 6 along with other mental illness that developed because of the trauma. As a teen she was diagnosed with Bi-polar, along with post traumatic stress. She had been on medication since age six.

I was so glad to get a reading and hear from my daughter I came to you to say thank you and I gave you a hug. I also wanted to let you know how straight on you were., I was too overwhelmed to catch it all at the time of the reading. Again thanks so much for sharing you wonderful gift with us. I look forward to seeing you again

Thanks Sheila & Bob M – North Reading, MA

Email, December 13, 2011:

Hi Joanne,

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the mini-reading last night. It provided me with insight and validation and offered comfort as I navigate through some difficult situations — comfort AND perspective!

Wishing all the best and many blessings to you and yours,

Pam K. – Hartland, VT

Email, December 4, 2011:

Hi Joanne,

You read me last night at The Forever Family Foundation Holidays Past event in Bethel,CT. The reading was so spot on I’m still in awe.

My mom came through and everything you told me proved my mom was indeed there. Joanne, you looked at me, and then said, “The Price is Right”. A few years ago, after my mom passed, I was on vacation and went to the Price is Right. I was called up! I felt my mom there in spirit and Joanne, you proved it!
I want to thank you so much for showing me my mom is with me. Always.

Dianne – Stanford, CT

Email, October 1, 2011:

Hi Joanne,

This is Michael Diamond (originally from Arlington, MA) who you read tonight at The Journey Within Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ. My Mom was the one (passed on) who was “in the car with you”, with the “perfect hair”. I just want to thank you for a wonderful reading tonight . It was so nice to hear from my Mom via your reading. It has been 6 years since she has passed and there isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t miss her. I do talk to her often and I know she hears me…it’s just nice to get confirmation from you.

Tonight was kind of a test for me as I put it out to my “team” and family who have crossed over, asking them to send me a BIG sign tonight, that I am meant to do this work. After you started off the night with my Mom and then Rita got my Grandmother I think I got the message Loud and Clear! Rita even said I was going to get a new job. I am currently working as a nurse in NYC and have recently been wanting to transition to doing healing work…reiki and psychic medium readings more full time. I have been waiting for a sign to take the leap and pursue this more professionally. I think tonight was my signal that it’s time. I know I will always want to continue my development but I think it’s time I start to do this work instead of practicing it.

Sorry for this long email. 😉 Hope you have a good rest of your stay in NJ and have a safe drive home. If my Mom is in the car again tell her hello from me. LOL

Thanks again for a wonderful evening. It was truly a pleasure meeting you.


Email July 21, 2011:

Hi Joanne,

Thank you so much for the reading today on Blog Talk Radio, and for connecting with Darnell. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for awhile. You were so right on about Darnell that it was mind blowing, to put it mildly. I will try to figure out which song or songs that he is trying to communicate with me as I love music too, and have been working on getting an actual picture of him to have and putting in a locket would be nice as you asked if I have a picture of him in a locket. And lastly, yes he did love cars, he worked on them and purchased them at auctions. His mother, Valerie is struggling at this moment with what to do with his car, who to give it to as they’ve already handled the rest of his stuff, and how his car is giving her grief as she said she doesn’t want to see anyone driving it that’s not him.

Thanks so much again for that today, Joanne.


Ebony H.

Email July 12, 2011:

Hi Joanne, my name is Licia (“Lee-sha”). You recently did a great reading for me on Signs of Life Radio (on June 16). Well, I’m writing an autobiography about my experiences with the young man who came through during the reading and how there is life after death. The reason I am writing is because I wanted to ask your permission to put the reading into my book. I’m the one who mentioned that I am a medium-in-training and this entire book is about supporting the cause.

My on-air reading with Psychic Medium Joanne Gerber, Signs of Life Radio, June 16th 2011:

I just called into the Signs of Life radio talk show (presented by the Forever Family Foundation) with medium Joanne Gerber doing readings. I was lucky enough to get an on-air reading. She was amazing. She got messages from Kyle. He told her about the ring he gave me for our handfasting- she mentioned that there was an actual ring. Also, she mentioned our anniversary (we met 2 years ago almost to the day- which would make it the anniversary of our first meeting. I hadn’t even realized it. She described him as being young- around mid twenties (close- 21), good looking, hearty laugh, very adventurous- died fast, nice smile, smoker. He told her to tell me how much he loved me and gave me flowers red and white carnations (the last time I saw him was Valentines Day). He mentioned he liked the bathroom (I had just cleaned it a couple of hours before the radio talk show) and how I talk to him in the mornings (true- coffee and conversation w/my man). She also said he helped his grandfather over recently who had died of a stroke, but I can’t verify that (only because I don’t keep in touch with his family). Plus, he said he will be right with me on my Team of Spirit Guides. It was an awesome reading.

Licia S.

Email: July 10, 2011:

Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. I was so surprised to hear you describing what is going on around me as if you were right there to witness what has happened.
As I have been mentally affected very much from my recent poor health condition and I have even almost gave up on living happily with good health and love, your words gave me so much power to work on recovery.

Thank you very much again for giving me a chance to experience your reading.

Mari M – Setagaya-Ku, Japan

Email June 18, 2011:

We attended a demonstration sponsored by Eastern Connecticut State College in the late fall/early winter of 2010.
I am a skeptical person by nature (a 20 year police veteran and 12 year military veteran) and I attended the demonstration as a last minute invitation by my sisters. I live in Vermont and happened to be going to Connecticut for a job interview and visit my family. I decided to go with my sisters. I just wanted to say that I have always had “feelings” about things, never enough to voice them, but always a “feeling”. Anyway, when you walked out on stage you looked directly at me and I “knew” you were going to talk to me that evening.

Once you started talking and explained that you had stopped at “Hank’s Restaurant” in Brooklyn, Ct. (with the big rooster) and (the restaurant where my wife and I started dating, her a waitress) I knew there were too many coincidences. Anyway, long story longer, my father in law who was my very good friend, had passed. He was the gentleman passed on who “rode with you in your car” from Hanks to the demonstration. You talked to him and me for quite some time. There is no way you could have known the things you did. It was a last minute attendance. You gave my wife, her brother and others peace with your comments. Though there will always be some skepticism, (just my nature) you have made me a believer. Thank you.

Timothy P. – Groton, VT

June 4th, 2011:

Dear Joanne,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you what an amazing time I had last evening at your demonstration at Franklin Yoga and Wellness Center. As I told you, I had anticipated the event from the moment I saw it on their website and I went with much anticipation and excitement.

Being my first time, I did not know what to expect and went with an open mind and heart in hopes that something would transpire. I felt a certain anxiousness when I got there, and had hoped and prayed that I would be one of the lucky ones to experience this wonderful feeling and energy of one of my loved ones. From the minute I got there and started listening, I felt my families presence. You validated things that were unbelievable, and I appreciate more than I can put in words you working with my family and me to get a message across so that I could know that they were there. I haven’t stopped thinking about what happened, and I tried to write it all down so I wouldn’t forget the many things that came across. It was life changing for me. You have a gift and comfort about you that is so precious, and you have chosen and been led to share it with others. I am forever grateful. I feel that I can move forward with a new found hope and understanding of my past and of what the future has to hold.

My family has been amazed at my story and firmly believes what happened to me. I would love to set up an appointment some time for a private reading if possible, where they could witness the blessings of your work. I will visit your website to do this. Again, thank you for this experience.

Your and your gift are truly wonderful. I hope you know how many lives you touch and help with this talent. Thank you again.

Pam C. Franklin, MA

Email received May 27, 2011:

Hey Joanne,

James just sent us all the information on his new book promotion. I saw your name and what you are doing and that’s awesome! :) I just wanted to say again how amazing your chat event was at his site, many people looooved it! Raved about it for days. Truly was a great night. I hope you are doing well, and I’m sure I will see you around. Keep up the great work, you are helping so many!

Love and Light

Taylor, aka EternalBeliever
James Van Praagh Chat Room Operator

Email received May 8, 2011:

Hi Joanne,

Thanks so much for the reading you gave me, it was very helpful, I think it will give me more clarity in the direction I am destined to go.

Thanks again,

Julia – Hyannis, MA

Email received March 2nd 2011:

Hi Joanne,

I hope you are well!

I have kept your name in my “memory bank” for over 10 years now, since you hosted a party at a friends house and did a private reading for everyone. You did a reading for me; it was amazing and I have never forgotten it!

Laura O. – Epping, NH

Email received February 25th, 2011:

I can’t overstate how meaningful my experience with Joanne Gerber was, or how good she is as a medium.

I liked her energy from the moment that we met, and she was dead on (no pun intended) in bringing through my loved ones who had passed.

Joanne not only captured the essence of my loved ones in spirit, but furnished information about them that would’ve been impossible to know through earthly channels.

The evidence that my loved ones exist in spirit, which Joanne provided, really helped lift my grief, and continues to comfort me. What a gift!

I wish that everyone suffering from loss could be as fortunate as me to have a reading with Joanne.

Thank you!
Liz S.
Research Scientist
New York, NY

February 22, 2010:

I can’t wait to read your book!!!!! Thanks again for everything.

I Just got my food allergy testing results back this morning and I am allergic to most nuts and that is a part of my daily diet. You mentioned nuts being a problem! You are soo good!!!

Victoria S. – Santa Barbara, CA

February 22, 2011:

Hi Joanne,

My sister and I attended your demonstration of spirit communication in Quincy on Friday night and it was AWESOME!

Sheila M – Boston, MA

Received February 18, 2011:

Dear Ms. Gerber:

I attended a meeting in Laguna Woods, CA a week ago, this past Saturday, and was most impressed with you.

Janice M- Laguna Woods, CA

Received February 18, 2011:

Dear Joanne,

I recently saw you in Laguna Woods at the Life After Life Club meeting Feb. 05, 2011. You are very talented!

Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.


Beth K. – Laguna Woods, CA

Received February 17, 2011:


I wanted to let you know you have helped tremendously even in a short 15 min reading. You have given me all I need to know and the next stepping stone on my path has been illuminated, and I can now see the whole path!

One thing you said to me: “Stop holding onto everything”, enabled me to FINALLY communicate with my sister something neither one of us has ever been able to do.

Our relationship is so much better because of it,finally! It was like 5 years worth of therapy in one 15 min. session, Joanne.

I SO very much look forward to working with you and Rita in the future. Thank you again.

I actually used to attend your chats on your website, when I first discovered you a few years back. I used to sit there with my notebook and pen,and take notes. lol Still have them somewhere : )

Thank you again.
Love and Peace to you

Email received January 3rd 2011:

I attended a group reading with Joanne during the Forever Family Foundation conference held in Fort Myers, FL in Nov. 2010. Joanne connected to my grandparents, and began to describe my grandmother. Joanne said my grandmother was grabbing her necklace and pulling it to the side. This was something you would often see my grandmother do, in order to move the clasp to the back of her neck. Joanne described my grandmother’s hair, and her clothes that always matched. She also described the garden behind the house, and the fresh vegetables she would cook from the garden, and even the type of jewelry she had worn and given to me. Joanne said the month of September, which was the month my grandmother was born, and the month my grandfather died. Joanne started talking about glass beads I had bought, and said that my grandfather said I should stop buying so many because they were too expensive, and she also said that my grandmother knew that I had just cut my hair!

I know they are still with me in my daily life. What a wonderful comfort knowing they are still close to me. Suddenly, Joanne turned to me again and said she saw a tribe of Indians surrounding her. The last validation refers to my Indian heritage from both grandparents. Everything Joanne described during the reading was true. She did not fish or try to get hints from me. She was direct, funny and compassionate.

Deborah Jo
Memphis, TN

November 23, 2010:

Dear Joanne,

I’m profoundly grateful for the time she spent with me and some friends at Hands on Healing in Norwood (my friend Maureen’s massage office) for a small group demo in March, 2008. She read for EVERYONE, and we all had a magical evening. For all you do, and are, Thank you Joanne!!

Carol R. – Norwood, MA

Email received 10-31-2010:

Joanne, I just attended your spiritual communication circle 10-22-10 at the Pleasant Lake Inn in New London, NH. This was the first time I have ever attended anything like this and had the most amazing experience. This may sound korny but the feeling was how I felt when I gave birth to my children. It was so many emotions all at once. I thank you for helping me to connect and hope to learn more at one of your next workshops for beginners when you will be in New Hampshire again.

Susan – Hill, NH

Email received 10-11-10:

I was so blessed to be the recipient of a reading by Joanne Gerber on September 23rd. The information that Joanne related to me from my loved ones who had passed on was so accurate, and confirmed to me that our spirits are always connected, and those who pass over are always with us.

Joanne related so much information to me from my father who passed in May of this year. My father related through Joanne that he was sending healing to my niece who was coping with a broken relationship. When I related this to her, she stated that her 4 year old son and she were reading a book one night and he asked her “Who was that I just saw?”. My niece said she immediately thought of her grandfather and now she is convinced he was visiting them. My reading with Joanne was on my niece’s birthday. My niece said it was the best birthday gift by far to receive a message from her PapPap. There are no coincidences.

This message was such a gift to my niece and my reading was such a treasured gift from Joanne. Thank you Joanne. Your gift has given me such a feeling of comfort and peace knowing that my loved ones are always with me and that they feel my thoughts of them and my love. Joanne, after my conversation with you I was left with an overwhelming feeling of being enveloped in the love of my dad and family who had passed on. I can never thank you enough.

With much appreciation,
Paula L. – Surf City, NJ

Email received July 27th, 2010:

Thank you for your gift, Joanne. I don’t know if you ever get to here back from your clients, and even though this is over a year later, I have never forgotten the 13th of January, 2009. Those few minutes with you will live on in my life, forever. They were magical; more than you can ever know. Well…I guess you may know a little more now. (smile)

Much love and peace to you,
Lyn Regan
Author of “Wake Me Up: A True Love Story About Life After Death”

Facebook Message – May 3rd, 2010:

Hi Joanne, I hope you don’t mind me sending you this via fb. I wanted to thank you so much for the reading you gave my daughter Trina and I on Thursday. After the call we started to realize how much of what you said validated that my son was with us!! I want to thank you for being such a positive person. I have been reading your walls on both of your fb’s. They are helping me. I have so much sadness and anger because of the loss of my son. I’m trying so hard to hang on by my fingertips…trying to let go of the horrible feelings and remember all the beautiful things about my son. Reading your walls gives me hope!! Thank you sooo much!

Love & Blessings,
Gail W. – Naperville, IL

Facebook – RE: Demonstration of Spirit Communication – March 26th, 2010 – Bay Path Regional Vocational, Charlton, MA

LOVED the demonstration, Joanne! It was great ‘meeting’ you, even if not ‘officially’. The people behind us had many similarities to each other, & much of their info was true for me, but some not – so clearly the reading was for them. SO much information to those whom you read. You were ‘spot on’ with your validations. Thank you for coming out to ‘the Boonies’ to see us! Love your energy!

Laura R. – Worcester, MA

Facebook – RE: Demonstration of Spirit Communication – March 26th, 2010 – Bay Path Regional Vocational, Charlton, MA

Joanne, I can’t thank you enough for the gift of communication you gave me last night from my friend, Jenny. What you gave me was far better then any materialistic thing I could ever hope for on earth. EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING was so spot on and specific that I literally had the gift of having a full on conversation with her! I’m still so very sad, but I’m also so blessed and happy today. I’ll be seeing you again in two weeks with a friend (that was planned before I unexpectedly came with my mom at the last minute yesterday). I’m looking forward to the calmness, peace and serenity that was in the room and watching you bless others with your ability. Wishing you love, blessings and peace!

Jennifer D. – Charlton, MA

Facebook – RE: Demonstration of Spirit Communication – March 26th, 2010 – Bay Path Regional Vocational, Charlton, MA

Joanne, thank you so very much for connecting me with an old dear friend! I found it absolutely incredible how dead on you were about some of the memories we shared together. I will relay the information to his sister who I hope will find comfort in his words. Even though he is not with us in this physical world, I know he is with me as my spirit guide/guardian angel. Ever since he passed, I always “felt” as though he was looking after me and protecting me. Now I know for sure and I do “believe” as he tells me to. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

Angela G- Charlton, MA

February 3rd, 2010:

Hi Joanne,

You may not remember, but you did a phone reading for me back in October 2009. At the time, I had been unemployed for a few months. You correctly intuited several things about how my previous position had ended, as well as some valuable insights on my personal life. I asked you about my prospects of a new job. You saw me in a job that had to do with bringing people of different cultures together to promote international understanding. And you said for some reason the UN building in New York kept coming to you. Well, I just accepted a job with the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, whose mission is to unite women of different cultures and beliefs, in the prevention of the circumstances that lead to war. My office is in Boston, but they also have an office in NYC, at the UN. One of my first duties will be to oversee a week-long practicum for college women during meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN. Um, I think you were pretty accurate! You were also right about the timing. You said you saw a new source of money coming to me in January. I signed the offer letter on January 31.

I hope this story serves to validate your your gift, although I am sure you receive validation from many sources! Thank you so much for the reading you gave me, it was a great comfort to me at the time, and continues to be so. Thank you.

I just thought you would enjoy hearing about my new job, and how it connects to your reading.

Thanks again, be well.

Laurie B – Boston, MA

Received January 27, 2010:

I had a reading with you one year after my husband passed away and it was the best experience of my life. The reading was incredibly detailed. You revealed things to me about my entire life and MANY of my friends and family who had passed came through, not just my husband.

This reading was so detailed you even described a scene you were seeing that was a photo which had hung in my grandfather’s office since the 50’s. You brought up events that I had forgotten until you mentioned it. This completely dispelled any thought that skeptics often throw out, such as mind reading. You were not reading my mind because those events have not been in my mind forever.

I felt such elation when my reading was over because you had given me details that only my husband and I had known. I seriously mean NO ONE else knew some of these things. It gave me the only real moment of happiness I had experienced since Larry had passed away. I now know beyond all doubt that I will one day be reunited with him in a place “just around the corner”.

To give a grieving person even a glimmer of hope is beyond any price. I will forever be grateful to you and thank you on a daily basis in my prayers for sharing your gifts. You are the best and your genuine kindness and compassion come through in your readings. Thank you Joanne!

Ferndale, WA

Received January 26, 2010:

Joanne has been an enormous source of peace and comfort to me. She provided answers from beyond that had plagued me for years. She’s caring and talented. I just love her!

Amy Larchuk
bereavement desktop publisher
Media, PA

Email received December 26, 2009:

I had a reading with you in October of 2009 in Mahwah, New Jersey, and I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I was very impressed by your work. Thanks for your help!

Dave – Sloatsburg, NY

You are an instrument for your Spirit to experience physical existence, in which God experiences life through you. ~ Joanne Gerber