Testimonials Page 4

Testimonials Page 4

June 20, 2005:

I had a mediumistic reading with Joanne Gerber on June 20, 2005. I was hoping to make contact with my father who died when I was 10 years old and my grandmother who passed away 12 years ago. The following is an exchange between Joanne, myself… And the other side:

“I see a father figure coming forward, his name starts with J….. Joe.”

“Yes, that’s my Dad. Your father has a lot of smoke around him, but it’s not just cigarettes he smoked… he also smoked cigars and a pipe, Is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s true, he did.”

” Paul, your father is motioning with his hand on his wrist, he says you have his wrist watch.”

” Yes, I do have it, my mother gave it to me after he died.”

” He also is saying that you never wear it.”

“No, I don’t ever wear it.”

” Well, he wants to know why you never wear it.”

“Actually, the watch is broken and I tossed it in my dresser drawer and haven’t even seen it in over 20 years.”

“He is saying Three O’clock…..Over and over, Three O’clock….and I am seeing Three O’ clock on the face of a watch….did he pass at 3:00?”

” Well, I’m not sure. We got a call from the hospital in the middle of the night, I think it could have been around 3:00 AM.”

” Your father is holding his chest, he passed from a heart attack.”

” Yes, he died in 1973 after a heart attack.”

Joanne was also able to contact my grandmother. She said her name started with the letter M. “Your grandmothers name is Mary.”

“Yes, that’s her name.”

” I can see that she passed in her 80’s, she was a petite woman, very calm, a bit quiet. I see her in the kitchen, she was cooking and baking. Prior to her passing she had walked with a limp, is that correct?”

” Yes, she had a plate in her hip and walked with a cane.”

” Paul, your grandmother is saying “three”, and the names Tina, Louise, Marie.”

“Do you recognize those names?”

” Yes, those are her three daughters, and Marie is my mother.”

” Now she is saying the name Kristine. She’s repeating it, Kristine, Kristine. Can you understand her connection with Kristine?”

” Yes, Kristine is my sister, they were very close.”

” Your grandmother wants to acknowledge Kristine, so please let your sister know that she is mentioning her from spirit. Is there a problem with your right knee, Paul?”

” No, actually that’s my good knee!”

” Well, your grandmother is saying to be careful, especially getting in and out of your car, just be cautious of your right knee.”

Joanne also asked me if I had been in a car accident recently. She asked if I hit a truck or if a truck had hit me. In fact, a month prior I was struck by a truck from behind while at a red light. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the reading. I left there with confirmation that my father and grandmother are happy and are around me often. When I got home that night after the reading with Joanne, I went to my dresser draw to find my Dad’s watch. I found it under some old photographs and I immediately put it on. I rolled my wrist over and looked at the face of the watch… IT WAS STOPPED AT THREE O’CLOCK. At that moment I felt a surge of electricity run through my body and I felt like I was going to faint. To say I had chills, goose bumps, hair standing up on my neck… that would be an understatement.I sat down and cried, there was now no doubt in my mind that I was communicating with my Dad for the first time in over 33 years. It was quite overwhelming.

About a week after my reading I went to pick up my car at the auto body shop. It was in for repairs due to my accident. The car was parked out front and I opened the door to step inside when it happened, “Bang!” I slammed my RIGHT KNEE into the dashboard. I was yelling and cursing loud enough for one of the auto body technicians to come over. He asked if I was ok. I just started laughing. “What’s so funny”, he asked. “Well, my grandmother warned me to watch out for my knee while getting in and out of my car”. He said, “Wow, your grandmother must be psychic!” I said, “No, she’s not psychic, she’s dead.”

Paul – Watertown, MA

Email August 15, 2007:

“Hi Joanne…I attended one of your Evening of Spirit Communication Events this past Monday. I was the one in the front row crying like an idiot! I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think it is that you help so many people. Your gift is amazing, and I have gotten so much comfort from you by confirming that my Mom is still with me all of the time. She was my best friend all my life and losing her has really been difficult. Also thank you so much for speaking to our friend after your meeting. He was thrilled to have heard from his dad in spirit. It meant so much to him and really made him feel better. We all thought it was just so nice of you to do that spur of the moment for him. I am sure I will be calling you in the future for a private reading. Again, thank you soooooo much!! Have a wonderful holiday season!”
Dina – Essex, MA

October 2005:

I attended “The Bridge” Session at the Whole Health Expo, October 8th 2005. My father with the sweater and the corduroy slippers and Lucky Strikes cigarettes came through to tell me that he loves me and encouraged me to continue my work in Astrology. He also said that my work would be healing for others (Just a few of things you had mentioned). I hope you can remember me. I sat in the very back. You have changed my life forever. A deep healing is now taking place in my life because of this experience. I could not wait to share the information with my sister, and of course she too has been forever changed. I feel a strong connection with you, and I am sure it is because of how you have helped me to heal with the message from my Dad. Thank you so deeply for this new lightness in my heart. The power of this spiritual communion leaves me speechless at times, and crying with a grateful soul. Thank you again for your beautiful spirit and for sharing your gifts with us on that special day. God bless You….
Marie – Centerville, MA

November 11th 2005:

“Dear Joanne……..I had a reading with you on Friday, November 11th 2005. My name is Dottie. I hope you remember me. I wanted to let you know that the reading you gave to me and my friends meant a lot to us. Losing our friend Jeremy was hard for all of us. I also wanted to let you know that the messages he came through with were passed on to those who needed it most, so thank you for that!!! I want people to know how much the reading you did for me and my friends is helping us with our grieving process Most of all, I just wanted to say thank you. You brought a lot of peace to a very tragic situation. May god bless you and yours!”
Dottie – Gardner, MA


Hi Joanne,
My name is Sara and I live in California. I had a psychic phone reading with you last year (beginning of 2005). When I contacted you, I was having problems with my marriage, but was madly in love. Our relationship was suffering. You were right on about what kind of problems we were having in our marriage. During my reading you were so honest, and told me exactly what was going to happen, and the time frame, and that it could be painful, but in the long run would be the best for me. At the time of the reading, I didn’t want to hear it, because I could not imagine this happening to me, since I loved him so much. Leaving him and going my way was the last thing on my mind, and I always thought I would never be able to survive without him. You had told me that after 5-6 months which was exactly correct, something would happen that would make me WANT to end this relationship and move on with my life. You were right, he did do something that woke me up and made me realize that I deserve better! I now realize how accurate the reading was.

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that this was the best reading I have ever had! God Bless….
Sara – San Jose, CA


“Dear Joanne It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for the reading. I found it to be comforting. I always worried about my brother not passing over. Now I know that he did and he is with my dad. You have brought me peace and a sense of well being. God Bless you.”
~Carol – Swampscott, MA

In an email dated August 16, 2006:

“Thank you, Joanne. The mediumistic reading today was probably the biggest step toward healing that I’ve been able to take all year.”

Linda – Northridge, CA

“Hi Joanne……I enjoyed your speech at the Swampscott Spiritualist Church. YOU ARE FANTASTIC. Thank you for my message. I am thinking about what you said, especially about Mother Teresa. That is so beautiful to me. Thank you. God be with you always.”

Rosalina – Swampscott, MA

In an email dated August 6, 2006:

“Hi Joanne…I just wanted to say thanks for the reading. I was not expecting my relatives to come through, and it was interesting that so many were there just to let me know that they were ok. I enjoyed the reading, and just to let you know, you were spot on with the issues of the family and family members. Thanks again….”

John – Anderson, AK

In an email dated August 3, 2006:

“Hi Joanne…The telephone reading today was a very good reading. I am grateful for your help. I hope we speak again one day soon. Thanks again.”

Karen- Chula Vista, CA

Monday, July 31st:

“Joanne, I just wanted to send you an e-mail regarding the phone reading that we had this past Monday, July 31st. I really didn’t know what to expect from the reading and was a little skeptical but within the first few minutes of our call I was absolutely astounded by the things that you told me. The fact that you gave me significant names and told me things that no one else could have known really sold me and made me truly believe that you connected with my Mom and other family members. It was a major validation to me that the spirit world exists and that made me feel so much better. It gave me a great feeling of relief and satisfaction to know that they are ok and are watching over me. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in a reading.”

“Thanks again. You truly have an amazing gift”!
Gloria – Fair Lawn, NJ

In an email dated July 18th 2006:

“Hi Joanne….Well, I just have to tell you that the trip to Connecticut to meet with you was worth every second for both Don and I. Don and I were more than pleased. Don has been to two or three psychics since his daughter’s murder 12 years ago because the investigation into her death was at a standstill. It was a “cold case” file really before it even started. Although these psychics provided him with a good indication of what had happened to his daughter (she was missing for 3 months before she was found), you are the one that was able to bring her through to him. Not only did it give him a sense of peace, you had confirmed a lot for him. It was different for him because he felt he was hearing from her directly. It also made him feel good to know that she is with his Mom and Dad, and that they are watching over her. He really got a kick out of you telling him stories about when he was growing up – especially with the fire in the kitchen when he was a little boy, and his mother loving to drive “hot rods”. He kept saying to me (and to others upon our return) “there is NO WAY on this earth that Joanne could have known that”. You also gave him very helpful information regarding his brother, John, that hasn’t been heard from for 10 years. He thanks you so much for your gift to him.”

“As for me, I had the psychic meeting with you. You are such a hoot. You were telling me about the huge tax issue I am trying to resolve for certain family members. You were describing the people involved, and the issue involved, to a “T”. That wasn’t even on my mind when we met, so I wasn’t expecting that. You told me specifics about my career as they are unfolding now, and part of the information was as if you were sitting in on a previous telephone conversation between me and my boss. Then, you were telling me about the house we (hopefully) will build in North Carolina, and it is exactly like the floor plans we are currently looking at. Then, you told me specifics about our house now. Whew!”

“I am sorry this is so long, but I feel like I can go on and on and on . . . Your extraordinary gift as a psychic medium is unparalleled to any person I have met, and I have hired some “nationally known” psychics in relation to Don’s daughter’s murder. When you couple your extraordinary ability with your kindness and compassion, I think you are untouchable in your field and I HIGHLY recommend you to anyone that may considering employing your services. There is no way that they could be disappointed!”

Don and Sarah – Deptford, NJ

In an email dated June 13, 2006:

“Joanne…..Thought you might like to know a couple of things. I was listening again to the reading and you specifically mentioned Suffolk Downs in relation to my father. I told you I had a picture of my father hanging on the wall. Last night I looked carefully at this picture taken some 60 years ago and at the top of the picture is the name of where my father was standing with the horse. It was at Suffolk Downs. There were so many areas where the information given was so correct that it makes me want to look into the ones that I didn’t understand. I suspect it is relatives on my mothers’ side that may be trying to come through. Mother is in no way open to this type of experience so unless my sister understands some of it we may never know. Thank you for your time I will always remember this experience and know that you have helped me a great deal.”

Beverly – Cape Cod, MA

“Hello Joanne….Thank you so much for the wonderful and comforting mediumistic reading that you provided for my daughter and I in June in Cranbury, NJ. It was truly overwhelming, and I treasure what I learned.”

Liz – Allendale, NJ

In an email dated July 5, 2006:

“Joanne…Thank you for today. Very precise and enlightening. My family thanks you. Bless you for being there for our loving Spirits, them and us. I do want to talk with you again in another session. Your very blessed to do the work you do.

Rachelle – San Diego, CA

In an email dated July 5th 2006:

“Dear Joanne: Thank you so much for a wonderful reading today! You have a true gift and I hope that you realize what an amazing gift you are giving to us by allowing us to have a little glimpse of our loved ones…Thank you again and again….”

Julie – Clive, IA

June 20th 2006″

“Hi Joanne…I just got a reading from you on June 20th 2006 via the internet chat room. I’ve got to say, I was skeptical at first, but you really proved yourself to me. My mom and I just absolutely loved it. I think it was a lot more for her because her mother came through. Just in case you do remember us, I just wanted to piece together the information with you because it didn’t make sense at first, but I printed it and looked back at it. I guess I wasn’t open to it at first, and so I wasn’t thinking straight. My mom really helped me figure everything out. You said there was a woman from Spirit that grew up on a farm in the Midwest. That woman was my Grandma, who I never got to meet. Then there was the male son who had trouble breathing before he passed and never got to say goodbye. Yes, that was my Uncle Bobby. When you said a name starting with “Ro”, I totally didn’t get it until my mom was like yes, his name was Robert. I was amazed and freaked out in a good way. Then, you said that he was with another male like a son, who said I had his watch. That blew me away only because you directed it toward me and we had been looking for his watch. I don’t have it, but maybe he is saying that I will find it. Anyway, that is my brother (my mom’s son) and everything falls together. I really really want to thank you for your time and patience with us. I feel a little better now.”

Thank you,
Tanza and Annie

In an email dated June 21st, 2006:

“Hi, Joanne – I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how grateful I am to you. I attended a group session with you in New Jersey. There were 18 of us, and it didn’t seem to phase you – you just kept going, and going, and going! The information that you provided was absolutely outstanding. When you were kind enough to do a reading for me, it was the end of the night and we were both exhausted. But, you were a real trooper! I was expecting my Dad to come through, which he did, and the information that you provided about his past was something you could have never known. The shocker for me, however, was when a client of mine that passed away came through. We had become very close, but I never expected to hear from her. You could have never known that she called her sister “Honey”, which had been her sister’s nickname for 80 years! The specifics you gave me were outstanding! But, as if that wasn’t enough, you asked me if my Dad had a connection with a “Fred”. I had no idea. Then you said he was showing you an image of the Flintstones… you seemed almost embarrassed to tell me! Little did you know that my best friend’s parents have both passed away. We have been friends for 25 years, and her parents were like a second set of parents to me. Twenty-five years ago I nicknamed them Uncle Fred and Aunt Wilma because I thought they looked like the Flintstones. Well, it stuck, and everyone started calling them that! It was a wonderful surprise for me to know that they were OK – I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me.”
Sarah – Deptford, NJ

In an email dated June 13, 2006:

“Joanne…You gave me & my Mom a reading about my little boy Blaise.I just wanted to say thank you very much for spending alot of time with us. I feel so much better that my little boy is happy and still having fun!!!.. You really helped me greatly!!!! Of course I still miss him and always will, but knowing he’s okay and with passed love ones takes a huge weight off my shoulders! I also wanted to thank you for the healing stone. I will carry it where ever I go. I also want to tell you that during our reading you were talking about my son mentioning lots of balloons. Well my mom and I just went to a balloon release for my son and it was beautiful !!! You also told us to watch out for sky writing & airplanes with banners & blimps. On the way to the balloon release, we saw sky writing and it was a V shape…We took that V shape as a sign of “peace” because my son always made the peace sign. Then, as the balloons were being released, we saw a blimp that said “Good Year”, just like you had mentioned. About ten minutes later, we saw an airplane with a banner attatched to it, but we couldnt really make out what it said. We were both in shock !!!! I just wanted to tell you that !!!! Once again, it put me & my mom at ease!!!!. Thank you again !!!!!”

Courtney & Gail – Brooklyn, NY

In an email dated June 11th, 2006:

“Joanne, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for meeting with us last Monday. We all enjoyed our evening with you. Thank you for sharing your gift.”

Suzanne – Cranbury, NJ

“Dear Joanne: Thank you so much for the reading that you did Wednesday June 9th. You connected me to my Aunt. Everything you said was right on target. I had to leave while you were still involved in a reading and I didn’t want to interrupt, thus I did not have a chance to thank you personally. I can only imagine that to see 18 anxious women was, at best, daunting. I hope you arrived home safely and thank you again for sharing your ability.”

Pam – Philadelphia, PA

In an email dated June 9th, 2006:

“Dear Joanne….My husband and I really enjoyed our reading yesterday. It was quite accurate, informative and helpful to us. And it is good to know our relatives are still with us. Thanks again.”

Lynn – East Meadow, NY

June 1st 2006:

“Joanne…I have to tell you that you really gave me so much to look forward to when you read on my behalf a few weeks back. You mentioned my mother speaking of “horses” which I connected to horses present in my old residence in Maryland. It was only when I spoke with my sister who said she watched the Preakness which is run in Maryland and was held just a few days after your reading that I understood the word horses was an authentication that it was my mother, as she loved horseracing and would never miss a race like the Preakness. That really was an amazing hit, that just didn’t occur to me as I was so focused on trying to understand my personal situation through your reading. My sister in fact said that as she sat down to watch the race on television she said out loud, “Okay, Mom, let’s have a seat.”

“You also mentioned my father holding up a pair of shoes and asked if a family member worked in a shoe store. I couldn’t think of anyone. A few days after, my husband called to tell me his father was diagnosed with cancer. His father worked in the Hanover Shoes factory for many years. I think my father was trying to communicate about my father-in-law.”

“Your reading was excellent. I pray for your continued inspiration, and look forward to the next opportunity to visit with you.”

Roxanne – Sherborne, NY

“Joanne: Just wanted to thank you again for my incredible reading. It was a wonderful experience. You have a very special gift. Your reading exuded warmth, kindness and intelligence. It is clear you take this responsibility very seriously. For that I am grateful. Our conversations were so inspiring to me. Since then, I have had lots of “validation” from your consult. You’re the best!!!”
Lisa – Hamilton, MA

“Hi Joanne, I hope you are well. I am writing to thank you again for being a source of hope and guidance for me. Your last reading that we did over the phone has come to fruition. I have met a wonderful man, and I am doing fabulous in my new job, I love it so much… I feel guilty that I have so much fun. My new coworkers are all wonderful, and I have found even more great friends. My cup runneth over!
Happy Spring!”
Kristine – Cape Cod, MA

You are an instrument for your Spirit to experience physical existence, in which God experiences life through you. ~ Joanne Gerber