Testimonials Page 3

Testimonials Page 3

February 4th, 2007:

Dear Joanne…We want to express to you our sincere appreciation for the experience we recently shared with you in Lebanon. So many of the messages were incredibly meaningful and helped us to gain a greater sense of peace and hope as we continue to seek acceptance and understanding of our devastating loss. I’m sure you hear this regularly from people after a reading, but we want you to know how grateful we are for your time, your energy, and your kindness. I have shared some of our experience with family and friends. They, too, are comforted by the assurance your messages provided that our son remains nearby.

Wishing you well,
JV – Lebanon, NH

Email dated January 20, 2007:

“Hi Joanne…Thank you so much, your reading was wonderful! I have done a lot of thinking today. Thank you. You have helped so much….You were great!”

Kathy – Franklin, MA

Email dated January 18, 2007:

“Hello Joanne…My reading with you yesterday evening was awe inspiring!!! Your gift to bring through spirit guides, angels, master guides and also loved ones who have passed over is incredible to me. I have had many readings, but your gift of clarity is by far the most accurate. Your confidence exudes not only from life experience but through divine knowledge.”

“Thank you for your loving directness to highlight my abilities and to assure me that I am opening up to a “higher vibration”. I do believe that great things are happening to and for me. I feel that I have the power to manifest a career that will be for my “highest good”. I feel exuberant and eager to start this new chapter in my life.”

“I appreciate the resources you provided in my reading. I plan to look into classes/workshops, spiritual churches, yoga and lectures/learning centers. etc… I can see myself signing up for some of your classes in the near future. I finally feel like I have direction and purpose in my life! All things seem possible and achievable.”

“I am so glad that my grandmother and cat “Jack” came through to me. This experience was not only a surprise, but a beautiful blessing to me. I will share her message with other family members. My Dad will be pleased to hear from her.”

“While it is true that the whole reading had a significant impact on me, there is one expression that you stated that will always stay with me. “Take a leap of faith, and faith will leap with you”! This is my new mantra!”

“Thank you, thank you and many blessings to you,”

Annette – Greensboro, NC

Email dated January 12, 2007:

“Dear Joanne… I’d like to thank you for our session and your patience with me. Rereading my notes, it’s more than evident that you were in touch with my Dad. Many, many people have been moved by your accuracy. You are blessed to be able to not only connect people with their loved ones, but be in a position to calm the existential fears we all have about death and nonexistence.”

Thank you,
Meg – Wynnewood, PA

Email dated January 12, 2007:

“Dear Joanne: I have been meaning to write to you for months. I had a reading with you on May 27, 2006. The reading changed my life, literally. And I want to thank you for your gift and for sharing your abilities with others. Because of your reading I got direction and started pursuing my career path. Within a week of the reading I had signed up for a degree program in metaphysical science. This happened the night before my 60th birthday”!

“I am more than half way thru the course. I will have a degree in metaphysical science in June and will then go on to get my masters degree and doctorate! With the degree I will pursue a business in counseling/meditation techniques/re-instate my hypnotherapy practice and do some teaching on connecting with the Divine Light within. At this time I am still in my full time job but have plans to do all of the above as I am led to do so”.

You had predicted that I would be taking a trip to England for a visit, and that it would be an excellent trip. At the time of my reading I didn’t have plans to visit England. I just returned from there two days ago after being with my fabulous daughter for three glorious weeks. It is the first Christmas and New Year we have spent together in over a decade. We had a wonderful, wonderful time together. So much has happened to improve my life and outlook on life there is no way I can project it all here in an email. I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ and give you positive feedback on your life’s path”.

Sending you lots and lots of positive light.

Kathy – Lafayette, CA

Email dated 1/08/07:

“Hi Joanne…Thank you so much for the very wonderful reading today. I can’t tell you how much it touched me and comforted me. Thanks so much for today. You have such a gift and blessing.”

Maria – Coker, AL

December 12th 2006:

“Joanne…I just wanted to thank you for the session on December 12th 2006 in Connecticut. I had a chance to look over my notes and review some of the things you said and I shared it with my husband and sister. Both of them added a great deal to what you told me and some things that did not connect for me were strong hits for each of them. I am still trying to process the losses I have had – my first husband 22 years ago and now my son, at age 21 just this year. My faith used to sustain me but with the loss of my son, I find myself questioning all that I have believed and I am in search of learning and knowing more about what happens when we die, if there really is God and other ‘big” questions. Other bereaved parents feel the same way, we want desperately to know that our children still exist and that we will be reunited one day. I know that you spent extra time with me and I appreciate that. Thank you for helping me on the first step in my journey to learn more.”

Kathy -Cherry Valley, MA

Email dated November 30, 2006:

“Thank you for an AMAZING session. I am blown away and very comforted.”

Rosa – Tarrytown, NY

Email 11/13/06:

“Hi Joanne…I just wanted to thank you for my session on Saturday. I have gone over everything in my mind and listened to the tape. You gave me lots to think about. I had said to my brother last week, before the session, that the one thing I wanted to hear was an “I’m sorry” from my mother. When you communicated with my mother from spirit, and then said to me that she was telling you to tell me she was sorry, you took my breath away. It was a wonderful experience, and I want to do it again sometime. It is very comforting to know they are near and watching over us. Your gift is remarkable. Thank you so much!!”

Heather – Atkinson, NH

In an email dated November 8th, 2006:

“Dearest Joanne…What a pleasure it was to speak to you tonight. I had waited a long time to speak with you and let me tell you Joanne it was well worth the wait. God has really given you a wonderful gift and I would like to know if each of us have this gift and how to develop it. You were spot on with everything and now I know that my mother and father are together again. Joanne everyday of my life I cry for my mother as I miss her so much. I loved her so much but now I know that she still does goes on. I want people to know that god does exist and he gives us a special gift in life which is you and other spirit mediums. I often wondered about life after death and I have to say that it frightened me but now I am not afraid. Thank you so much Joanne and how lucky I have been in my life to be able to contact you. There is a reason for everything. Thank you so much for your gift and I hope to talk with you in the future. I believe that I have found a wonderful friend in you.”

Kind Regards,
Marie – Pinson, AL

Email 11/03/06:

“Hi Joanne…Thank You for being an awesome MEDIUM, loving soul and a great friend. I really do appreciate you, and all the teaching and guidance you have given me over the last few years. You show me that its ok to share my gift with people. You also have given me the confidence and trust to believe in myself and in spirit. Last night at the Evening of Spirit Communication I knew my Mom was there and I was very happy that she had a strong enough energy to come through to you. Its still hard for me but I know she is at peace.”

Thanks again,
Kristin – Derry, NH

Email response to Boston Globe:

Boston.com Halloween Psychic Chat with
Psychic Medium Joanne Gerber, received October 31, 2006:
“Joanne, I thought that was a nice chat!! Wonderful information and validations. You mentioned the closeness of my mother’s mother, to me, and, that today, is her Birthday!!! and I do have her coin collection, from eons ago, so I’ll be looking for more coins… I wanted to be sure to validate, for you, what came… and I thank you.. and I DO plan to stay the course…”

Nanc – Melrose, MA

In an email dated October 26, 2006:

“Dear Joanne…I want to thank you, with all my being, for the incredible & accurate reading you gave me on October 23rd 2006. My son has been in spirit for eight months today and my heart has much work to do, to heal. The reading you gave to me was the very best medicine a grieving heart could be given. After the reading, my light shone once again and I feel euphoric, a feeling I thought had probably died with my precious boy. When a parent loses a child a part of their soul is amputated and they are left with a huge hole. Into that hole pours grief, guilt, devastation, loneliness, depression, anger, sadness, etc. If those of us who grieve do not do everything in our power to fill that hole with positive things, the hole will finally consume us. One of the pro-active things I have done is to seek out mediums, in an attempt to connect with my son. I have now had four readings with four different mediums. You are the best of the best and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your beautiful gift with those of us who are making the most difficult journey of our lives. Some will survive their loss but others will not. I will survive because I now know that my son is still with us, that he loves us and he is in a grand place. I now have peace within my soul and I can now release a huge part of my devastation. Amazing and wonderful! Joanne, as I said, you are the best of the best. I will refer many grieving parents to you.
Thank you!

Below is a list of messages you gave me that were so very special and true:

1) Once again, my uncle and grandmother came through in your reading, as they have in 3 other readings with different mediums. In my first reading ever, I was surprised to hear from my grandmother, since we were not especially close and she died when I was fairly young. She was not on my mind at the time of that reading, which proves that the mediums I have contacted do not read the minds of their clients, to get their information. My mother recently told me that I was my grandmother’s favorite grandchild so it makes sense that she would come through to me. You described my uncle and grandmother in the exact same way as the previous mediums had, almost word for word. Interestingly, my grandmother, through you, referred to her daughter in spirit as “Pauline”, which is what she called her while living. Through you my uncle referred to ‘Pauline’, who is his sister, as ‘Pat’, which is what he called her during their life times. My uncle was able to let you know that he and my aunt were aware of my father’s bad health and that they wanted him to know they knew he had been tired lately and that they were watching over him. How very true. My father is 83 yrs and is in failing health and rarely gets out anymore. You told me that my uncle worked with tools, that he smoked and had dark hair. All true. He fixed everything for anyone who needed his help, he had dark hair and he smoked heavily.

2) I most wanted to hear from my 24 yr old son, whom we lost in a car accident in February 2006. For the fourth time during a reading, my son came through with words of kindness, forgiveness, love and compassion. He had pulled away from our family during the last years before his death, and we were always sad about that and looked forward to him maturing enough to where he would finally appreciate us and want to communicate once again. You conveyed to me, with clarity, my son’s specific apologies regarding his own reckless behavior that validated to me, without question, that he was the spirit you were communicating with.

3) My son was intoxicated at the time of his death. He died immediately from face & head trauma. I needed to know if there was any pain. By my son showing you his car during the reading, you knew he died in an auto accident. He acknowledged that he “fell asleep”, which is exactly what another medium had previously told me, that there was no pain, and he died “quickly”. He let you know that alcohol was involved with his accident, which was very true. He apologized to me and said that he was not thinking straight, and that he had many problems too.

Joanne, you told me during the reading, that my son was acknowledging a sweatband that he had at the time of his passing. That was absolutely true. One of my other sons went to the accident site before I did and he found, there on the grass, right where my son’s car had flipped, the sweatband he had often worn. You can even see the yellowing from his sweat, on his sweatband, which he was wearing in the last photo ever taken of him.

4) I was convinced, prior to my son’s death, that he suffered depression so I had just ordered lab work to be done, with his willingness. My son conveyed, through you, that he did indeed suffer depression, which, as he told you, is why he drank. He let you know he was extremely shy, withdrawn, and felt like somewhat of a misfit which is why he self medicated on alcohol. He told you that he didn’t want us to worry about him so he pretended that everything was “fine” & never asked for help. This was one of the many questions I had about my son’s emotional state that needed confirmation, which you gave me (this was the 3rd time my son acknowledged his depression in a reading). It helps my heart, to some degree, to know that depression is what caused him to withdraw from us and to cause him to drink. It confirms what I already knew in my soul, prior to his death.

5) Prior to the reading I had asked my son to let you know about his musical talent, which was one way to confirm to me that he was the one coming through. During the reading, you acknowledged that he was musical, that he played the guitar, and that he liked heavy metal music. All of this is so true. My son wrote about 50 songs prior to his death and most of them were heavy metal. He showed you an image of him with headphones on, which he often wore. He let you know he buried himself in music, often by wearing the headphones, to escape his emotional pain. My son was a very skilled musician, composer and recording engineer.

6) Physical description of my son – You told me he was tall and thin, nice looking, that he mainly wore jeans and button up shirts. True – he was 6’2” and was on the thin side. The clothes you described were exact.

7) Things I was unaware of at the time of the reading that I validated later that afternoon –

– My son showed you a jewelry box in his room that you said had something like a ring in it, and very small things. When I got home I went straight for that jewelry box and found his many ear rings inside. Some were the size of rings you wear on your finger, but most were “very small”, as you had stated.

– My son acknowledged to you a collection of his of small, glass, marbles or something similar & that he wanted me to have one to remember him by. He told you they were in a drawer. Sure enough, there in a drawer upstairs, was his collection of many Star Wars men AND his collection of small rocks that I had totally forgotten about. One of the rocks is glass and others look to be marble. My heart nearly leapt out of my chest at my fabulous find.

– My son mentioned to you a Beatles album that had all the Beatles pictures on the cover, which was either black and white or sepia toned. He mentioned the 3rd song down as being significant. He also mentioned the song, “You’ve Got a Friend”. I looked at our old albums when I got home, and found a Beatles Album that fit the description, called “The Beatles 1962-1966”. The name of the 3rd song down is titled, “From Me to You”. We also have a James Taylor album that has the song, “You’ve got a Friend” listed. I think it is significant that while my son was acknowledging the rock collection he had ,that he would mention other items in our home, as well, such as the two albums (that we also have), the jewelry box, his wallet, & a flannel shirt, with DETAILS ABOUT EACH OF THOSE ITEMS..

– My son recently had a birthday and one of his girlfriends bought and left a balloon at his accident site. She told me, prior to this reading, that she felt my son’s spirit so strongly when she bought the balloon that she cried once she got to her car. When she turned on her radio, the song, “Nothing Else Matters” came on (which is one of the songs we played at his funeral – one of his favorites). My son was able to acknowledge a recent birthday, by showing you that he was eating a chocolate birthday cake. Chocolate birthday cakes are my specialty. You not only acknowledged the balloon but also described the girlfriend who left the balloon at the site by telling me she was a couple of years younger than him and “someone he used to hang out with” – all true!

– My son, with each reading, has acknowledged his cousin that he was closest to. He was able to convey to you, my nephew’s date of birth, offered his first initial to you, described to you that my nephew is an artist, and that he has a good sense of humor. Once again, all true!

Thank you again, Joanne. You are blessed with a most wonderful gift. How fabulous it must be to bring the ultimate comfort to the most destitute of us. I thank God for you and others, who have dedicated their lives to bring comfort and closure to others, despite the ridicule & judgment mediums often receive.

With love and admiration,
Susie A Spring, TX

In an email dated October 26, 2006:

“Dear Joanne…God Bless you for your wonderful chat room. You have a wealth of information that we all benefit from and find very healing. Online, you actually connected me to my Mom. She had lived with me before she had passed and still had her “stuff”in boxes, like you mentioned. She was the type of person in life that if you liked her necklace, she would take it off and give it to you . She always gave out compliments freely,and always taught me to understand when people act negatively not to condemn them but to understand the way they were brought up. I was raised in a fairly religious Jewish home. I know that religion separates, and spirituality connects, and I was never taught these concepts as a child, but I had a very spiritually transforming experience a few years ago. A few years later when my Mom passed , I felt completely comforted by this experience. I know that this had to be a preparation for what was to come. Many Blessings to you and the work that you do!


In an email dated October 26, 2006:

“Hello Joanne…Thank you so much for the mini reading last night in your chat room. When you said the spirit was a “mother figure” that was coming through, and that she was a small woman, not too tall, I knew it was my mother-in-law. She was indeed a mother figure to me, more so than my own mother had ever been (my mother is still here). When you said she was showing you the water and the beach, and that there were fond memories there…..that was so right on target !!!! We lived right next door to each other….ACROSS FROM A BEACH !! we spent every day together, and often walked this beach with the kids.

And yes, she was very ill when she passed in Feb 2006. I also can validate the dishes, I do have dishes and lots of other things that she hand made for me. I’m so glad she said that she is ok and happy where she is. Again, my many thanks for the reading. This was the first reading I have received. I have always been a believer since childhood.

Thank You Joanne!!!”

In an email dated October 25, 2006:

“Hi Joanne…I have been meaning to email you. I had a reading with you August of ’05. During that reading you advised I would be having a baby boy the following year. Well… guess what… On July 6, 2006, I delivered a healthy baby boy!!! I can’t wait to have another reading with you. I will be contacting you.”

Tara – Atlantic City, NJ

In an email dated October 10, 2006:

“Hello Joanne…I wanted to write you a small note to tell you “thank you”! Although I still find myself having to deal with upcoming issues of my son’s untimely death, I am very comforted in knowing that he did not feel any pain and he was not alone when he crossed over. I am also very happy to hear that he is indeed with my grandfather, who was very close to me…almost like a father. I loved him so much that when he passed away, it took years for me to finish my grieving for him. So knowing he is looking after my son and protecting him is so very comforting. You validated so many things for myself and my sister. We went over some of our notes while we were waiting for our flight….so many things that were said were very accurate and accountable. The “bracelet” validation was incredible! Thank you for this wonderful first experience. I am very grateful. Take care of yourself…and I hope to see you again soon.”

Connie – Ontario, Canada

In an email dated October 3rd, 2006:

“Hi Joanne…I just wanted to thank you for the group session with my sister Janice, my Mom, and myself last Monday night. You have given me something that no one else could have given me. There is some comfort in knowing that my father is still with us in spirit. I still don’t understand many things about the whole spiritual process, but I guess no one knows for sure until they go there. You have inspired me to live more spiritually. I would love to eventually do some classes. I’m sure that we will cross paths again.” Susan – Clinton, MA

In an email dated September 16th, 2006:

“Hi Joanne…I wanted to validate something from the September 14th chat room reading on your site. You had said that my cousin “…was not taking her meds…” I told her daughter, she thought that what you said had more to do with the combination of meds or the correct meds not being given. When she got to the hospital today, she approached the nurse just to ask how her Mom was, since it was a few days since she was last able to get to the hospital. My cousin’s daughter almost fell to the floor when the nurse said:” Oh yeah… you’re here to ask about her not taking her meds…we know.” To which she answered: “What???” The nurse replied that her Mother had been putting the pills to the side of her mouth and spitting them out when no one was looking. This was not only a shock to her, but not something you would expect from someone in her Mother’s condition. We are anxious to see her “back” with us. Of course, everyone here who thought that you might be here this fall is now beside themselves to have a reading. Thank you again, Joanne.”

Love always,
Kari – Albany, NY

In an email dated September 16th, 2006:

“Joanne, We are all here to Love, Heal & Grow….Thank you so much for being an example of that through you teaching! I just wanted to say Thank You…. again… You are a true TEACHER! It was felt and expressed all day through your workshop”

Andrea – Boxborough, MA

In an email dated September 17, 2006:

“Hello Joanne…. It was an honor to participate in your Advanced Level II Links Management workshop yesterday afternoon. Your teaching style just blew me away!!! I was really impressed that you spent time explaining the integrity of mediumship. I learned so much from taking your class and I am looking forward to the next one. Again, thank you so much.”

Love and Blessings
Pauline – Manchester, NH

In an email dated September 23, 2006:

“Thank you so much for your time and energy. It is amazing how we can come in contact with people who make such a profound impact in our lives. You have taken us to another level of healing and we are forever grateful.”

Paula – Lynnfield, MA

In an email dated September 9, 2006:

Hi Joanne,
” I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for today’s reading. I called my mother on my way home and told her about my grandmother being around etc. She loved hearing about it. I will sign her up in the future for an Evening of Spirit Communication. You gave me so much to think about……Thank you.”

Cindy – Dunbarton, NH

In an email dated September 10, 2006:

“I just wanted to thank you for the most interesting reading! You were so right about so many things that came through. You told me that I was a teacher or healer and I actually am a special ed. teacher! So many things were true and I look forward to things that will be coming down the pike! I was able to validate many things when I spoke to my mom about my grandparents and it all made sense! I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me concerning the death of my sister. I feel so much better knowing that she is with my grandparents and doing alright. I will be contacting you again for an hour session in the near future. Thank you again for putting my mind at peace. You helped more than you’ll ever know.”

Best wishes always,
Linda – Clarksburg, MD

Thursday, Sept. 7, 2006:

“Hi Joanne… I Attended your group reading in Derry Thursday, Sept. 7, 2006 along with friends and family. It was inspirational and I’m so grateful for the messages.”

Thanks so much,
Deb – New London, NH



Carolyn – Dessert Hot Springs, CA

Email dated September 11, 2006:

“My name is Janet Boshell and I am writing a testimonial for the unbelievable services that Joanne Gerber provided me. I initially contacted Joanne because I felt guilt over my mother, who passed in 2001. She had incurable renal cell carcinoma and often underwent CT scans. The cancer had spread to her brain and she was receiving prednisone treatment. I had routinely given her enemas during her adult life due to a somewhat sluggish bowel. After her cancer spread, I would always give her an enema prior to her receiving the liquid barium required for the CT scan. I was not aware that prednisone would render her lining cells weakened. So, following our normal pattern, I administered an enema one afternoon prior to her CT scan (because the barium could promote constipation) and she failed to expel the contents. The following day, I learned that her intestine had ruptured (from the added contents of the enema that I had given) and she would have to undergo immediate surgery…she only had a ~ 20% chance. She did live through the surgery, but her quality of life was such that she survived only by being placed on a respirator in ICU for 14 days before she finally passed. My father passed away in February of this year, and I also took care of him. Unlike the case of my mother, I did a very good job with my father and had nothing to feel guilty about. Unfortunately, I began to feel even more rueful of my part in causing my mother’s death. I found Joanne’s name on the bestpsychicmediums.com website and decided that I would contact her. My supreme hope was that I could connect with my mother and learn that my actions had been “okay” so that I could perhaps move forward in my life. Joanne had only the knowledge of my name, telephone number, and credit card number. The following is an accurate synopsis of our reading.

Joanne was able to tell me my mother’s name (Lou), which was actually her middle name and not the one predominantly displayed on her death certificate. She described her physically as well as capturing the essence of her personality. She knew my mother died between her late-60’s to early-70’ (she was 72). She then described my father and was able to convey the dynamics of the relationship that my parents had. For instance, my mother loved to talk and my father loved to stand slightly behind her and smile at her as she did so.

The key piece of information that I could use to ascertain the quality of the reading was that I had been praying extra hard to reconnect with my deceased kitty, Pibbs, that was buried with my mother. He passed away the day after my mother, and the funeral home and cemetery allowed him to be buried with her. Without any way of having any knowledge of this, Joanne said, “Your mother wants you to know that your cat is just fine and is, in fact, sitting in her lap right now.” After she said this, I knew that this reading surpassed anything that I could have hoped for. Only a very few people know about Pibbs being buried with Momma. Joanne said that she was getting an “S” initial with the cat, and although his name was Pibbs, I always called him “Sooge.”

Next, Joanne was able to describe the property that I had bought in Alabama (lake front) and that I had cervical disc herniation. She described my brother and sister-in-law physically, and even indicated that my sister-in-law needed to be aware of her health. The following week, she was diagnosed with diabetes.

She told me that one of my cats had a urinary tract infection and that I should take him to the Vet. He is currently on medication to lower his urinary pH as well as an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection.

She also told me that my mother said that she had seen me looking at the family photos before Joanne called and it made her happy. For the hour before Joanne called, I had perused the family photos in hope that I could connect with my parents.

After the reading with Joanne, I decided that I would purchase gift certificates for my friends and family for a reading with Joanne as a Christmas present. I believe that I will always keep that option open for anyone that I care about because I cannot truly express the gratitude I feel for the excellent reading she gave me. I had felt guilty for the enema that I had innocently given my mother for several years. When Joanne spoke with my mother, she said, “As long as your intentions are good, regardless of the outcome, you cannot second-guess yourself or feel guilty.” I now understand that my intentions were good, I never meant to harm my mother.

Unfortunately, I did and I paid a very heavy price in guilt until I connected with Joanne and my mother. I now have a new lease on life that I would never have had if not for Joanne Gerber. She has given me the happiness and freedom to live again. She can give it to you as well.”

Janet L. Boshell – Austelle, GA

Email dated September 11, 2006:

“Dear Joanne…Thanks so much for the great reading on Saturday. It was a great experience. I had been struggling a lot recently with not only my Dad’s passing, but other issues, and I can say, I feel a bit better now. I also wanted you to know, I figured out who “Gail” was, (well my sister did)….I guess I had that amnesia thing…..Gail was my sister’s childhood best friend, who passed away over the last couple years, quite young, of cancer. I feel bad I didn’t acknowledge her. Anyhow, I do plan on coming back, or seeing you somewhere else closer to home…my friends at work would love to do a group reading with you. Thanks so much again!!!”

Peace to you…
Lori – Milford, CT

Parapsychology Foundation Mediumship Conference, Charlottesville, VA, January 30, 2005:

While engaged in a conversation about mediumship and the training of mediums at the recent Parapsychology Foundation Mediumship Conference in Charlottesville, VA with two mediums, Nancy Garber (M. Ed. in counseling psych, trained in England at a mediumistic center etc…) and Joanne Gerber (evidential medium) both from the Boston area, I asked about their training practices and about how students go about their studies. This conversation lead to a discussion of readings, and specific practice tasks to prepare the novice medium, and of a certain type of learned concentration and focus which often lead to being able to begin communicating with those who have passed on. Subsequently in the spirit of demonstration, Joanne began to give this writer a reading.

According to Joanne, she often has someone just sit for her during a session, and sees what comes through. Since it was informal, I decided to ask a specific question about my ability to hear from my father who died 20 years ago.

The following is an account that I wrote down about one and a half hours after having this reading which I experienced as quite phenomenal. Unfortunately this was not tape recorded, due to the informal nature of its occurrence. The medium stated that the atmosphere was too busy and distracting to know what to expect (it was a post conference social hour, and amongst a room filled with people):

Sitter: “I want to know where my father is and if he is separated from my mother on the other side?”

Joanne: “Why are you worried about that?” “They were never separated in this lifetime.” (Comment: This is true. There were married for 35 + years …they were children when they met and were married at the age of 26)

Joanne: “I hear your dad’s laughter…..he is smiling and he is laughing with a very subtle laugh…(demonstrates) does this sound familiar?”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “I feel a sensation like choking and coughing …there is a large lump in the throat… (she shows where the lump is…) he had trouble with his breathing… smoking …your father passed of lung cancer?”

Sitter: “Yes.”
(Comment: He did pass of lung cancer, but the cancer first appeared as a lymphoma in his neck where Joanne had indicated in her throat, he had a large lump on one side and then it metastasized to his lungs.)

Joanne: “I am seeing the letter W… is there someone in your family whose name starts with a W?”

Sitter: “No, not that I know of…”

Joanne: “This person passed prior to your father…. a relative of yours and his…..your grandfather?”

Sitter: “Oh…. his father was named William. It was my grandfather. I was to be named after him if I was a boy.” (Comment: I had never met William because he died when my father was 8 years old which is why I did not immediately recognize this fact.)

Joanne: “He is saying he was there to help your father with his transition when he was passing.”

Sitter: “That is so comforting since he lost his father when he was 8 years old.”

Joanne: “He loved dogs…a B…..a beagle dog is with him.”

Sitter: “That makes sense, and it was my brother’s dog from a long time ago, but the dog lived with us until he passed.”

Joanne: “Yes I see the dog has short brown legs and beagle coloring…”

Joanne: “Someone had a heart condition…..Your mother?”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “She passed of a heart condition?”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “Who is Elena…or Eleanor?”

Sitter: “My mother’s name was Lenore.”

Joanne: “She is here too, she is with your father.”

Joanne: “He was always wearing an undershirt under his shirts…the scoop neck kind (makes a gesture) he is showing me a plaid shirt over his undershirt…does this make sense to you?”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “I am seeing a fish… a Mackerel specifically ….did he like to fish?……I am hearing ”Holy Mackerel”… did he used to say that a lot? He would say this instead of swearing?”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “I see water and boats and a dock does this make sense to you?”
(Comment: I grew up on a small lake in IN , the same lake where my father grew up)

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “I see fishing… did he like to fish?”

Sitter: “No.” (Comments: He did not like to fish particularly, but I did…it did not occur to me to tell the medium this at the time. My father was always happy that we lived on the lake so that we could have this wholesome, nature centered life…he could have taken a job and moved us away to the Detroit area for a lot more money, but chose not to so that we could have the lake environment to explore and to enjoy. This decision was a source of pride for him, although it caused a lot of monetary troubles for us.)

Joanne: “He liked to build things… and do wood working…he had lots of tools and equipment…he is very particular about his tools…he feels his tools are not being cared for properly…do you have a hand drill of his?”

Sitter: “I am not sure, I might have the one.”

Joanne: “He is still talking about his tools… those were and still are very important to him.”
(Comment: My father did indeed work with tools for building furniture as well as larger things like small buildings, additions, and docks. He had a large elaborate wood shop in the basement. I spent many hours there with him while he worked. He engraved his name on every tool he owned. We always gave him new tools as gifts. I probably do have a drill of his…the fact that I am not sure is maybe why he is concerned about the care of these tools)

Joanne: ” I see him building a fence… and painting it white.”

Sitter: “The fence does not make sense to me.”

Joanne: “I am now seeing large machinery to dig and break ground…is someone building a house?”

Sitter: “No.”

Joanne: “Are you or your brother building a house?”

Sitter: “No.”

Joanne: “I am seeing ground being broken and about moving?”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne : “You are moving to a house that is in the process of being built?”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “But you have not actually bought the house yet…there is some indecision there…”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “Your mother was a very comforting person. She did not like worry and she tried to comfort everyone that all would be ok.”

Sitter: “True.”

Joanne: “She is showing me “rolling pennies” which indicates to me that you have financial worries connected to that new house.”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “She says it will all be fine, not to worry… she wants you to feel comforted…She has been to your house…your current kitchen counter space is lacking, there is too much stuff…and no counter space….”

Sitter: “Very true.”

Joanne: “Your mother liked to cook…she was a good cook, she made lots of casseroles…she is showing me a Pyrex casserole dish that is burnt on the bottom from so much use.”

Sitter: “Yes she made lots of casseroles in Pyrex casserole dishes…she was not a good cook….”

Joanne: “I see your mother was a little heavy at one point around the middle, but she was stylish and had a simple elegance….-not too much jewelry. She always liked to look nice, she wore her hair back like this… when it was longer and put some combs in it.”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “She does not like it that you criticize her cooking….”

Sitter: (laughs)

Joanne: “You have a ring of hers?”

Sitter: “No.”

Joanne: “Wait a minute….I am seeing rubies…did she give you a ruby ring? A small cluster of rubies on the ring……”

Sitter: “Yes.”
(Comment: This is significant, because this ring has an emotional charge on it. It was a gesture of reconciliation to me after my mother and I had been out of touch for a long while after being banished from our family home over a fight and harsh words one Christmas. It was a ring to give to a young girl, I was 26 at the time..it was a way to show me what she wanted to give me but could not do to money problems, when I was younger. She gave me a Raggedy Ann doll then too to remind me that she was focused on being motherly to me at one point when I was young and maybe easier to deal with for her…I never wear this ring because the memory of her somewhat strange gesture and my reaction to it are painful)

Joanne: “Who is Tricia?”

Sitter: “My sister’s name is Tricia.”

Joanne: “Your mother wants you to know that she is watching over her and helping her to heal. She has money worries too…..”
(Comments: My 54 year old sister underwent emergency quintuple bypass surgery last year after heart failure, and she indeed has perennial money worries)

Joanne: “You are out of touch with this sister…..”

Sitter: “Yes.”

Joanne: “Your mother wants you to contact her …she want you to know that the family is important…she is making a gesture of two fingers close like this….(gestures with her fingers together) closeness is important ….family is important… she had some problems in her own family that she regretted she says that family is very important….do not lose it…build on small steps to connect with her.”

The session was then brought to a close after medium Nancy Garber added additional information that supported the evidential nature of this reading.

Lori – PF Conference Attendee
Charlottesville, VA

You are an instrument for your Spirit to experience physical existence, in which God experiences life through you. ~ Joanne Gerber