Testimonials Page 2

Testimonials Page 2

Email received November 29th, 2009:


We wanted to thank you again for our spirit reading last Wednesday,11-11-09.

We are still working at sorting out the information from your reading. Even though some of it didn’t make sense at the time of the session, which I understand is normal. After putting the pieces of the puzzle together, we realized that there were a number of things that did fit. Such as: our Son was into health and did exercise and lift weights, have short sandy brown hair, was very quite and gentle, loved to cook, did have a lot of movie posters and a large collection of movies, some of which were classic.and yes, he really liked animals.

You also mentioned a memory about a car fire. Yes he did have a fire in his car and just barely got out in time. That was about 4 years prior to his passing.

You nailed it when you mentioned a pain in his head, headaches and problem with his vision. All those symptoms happened his last week on earth when we found out he had a brain aneurysm. The aneurysm burst and he went into a coma the night before he was scheduled for surgery.

We had a few specific questions that we forgot or wanted to ask; but we are glad, after reviewing the reading, that you came up with as many of our Sons character traits and validations as you did.

I woke up one morning remembering One other thing that you mentioned in our reading, which was to check our car engine or change the oil….Well guess what? I did finally check, just before we were going to take a trip, and discovered that we were 2 1/2 quarts low on Oil. That was a very important tip. I thank you and my engine thanks you too.

Thank you again.

Take care,

Larry & Nan N. – California

Email received November 26th, 2009:

Dear Joanne,

One of the things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving Day is that I have had the opportunity to participate in some of your group sessions in the past year. Although I have a long way to go on my spiritual path, I know your teaching will help me to progress. I learned a lot last Sunday at Generations and look forward to another class soon.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and for your generous spirit and loving heart. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Ginny M – Oxford, MA

Email received November 19, 2009:

Hello Joanne,

Wanted to say thank you for the wonderful reading this afternoon. It has been a tough 18 months for my family and you gave me hope that things will turn around. “A light at the end of the tunnel” — I’m going to especially hang onto that.

Thank you for the gifts that you give. You are appreciated.

Shirley O – Foxborough, MA

Email received November 16, 2009:

Hello Joanne,

Thank you for your tremendous work you did at the recent Forever Family Foundation conference in Chester CT. I look forward to the waves of gifts that will be washing through my life from those incredible three days.

My life is richer, but I was most profoundly moved by many of the meditations, and two of your meditations were incredible. Among the deepest I’ve ever had, and I have been meditating for 40 years – although not consistently.

May the blessings of peace and joy be with you.
Carmen C. – Hartford, CT

Received November 15, 2009:


Your delivery of messages to me at the The Forever Family Foundation retreat meant more than I could express. I was having so many doubts. You are truly gifted and an amazing individual. Much love to you and your good work. Thank you.

Terry C. – Brooklyn, NY

Received on Facebook, November 12, 2009:


I have to tell you this great story that happened to me today but it started yesterday. Yesterday as u know was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day/Wave Of Light Day. It was an emotional day in good and not so good ways. Last night I decided to meditate. Usually white light from above me is what comforts me the most during meditation. But last night I felt a reddish color that was warm and it felt nice/good. It came to me not from above but from in front and to my stomach only, while in the white light still. Not just once but 3 times. My mother kept coming into my mind, alot during this meditation. A few times interrupting me. I finally let myself be taken to where ever I needed to go. I only know I felt comforted when I was through.

Then today while sitting in a friends car. I look down and he has a church newspaper. The headline was “St Damien of Molokai Parish. Fr. Damien becomes a saint”. It wasn’t the headline that made me gasp (although how often does a Fr. become a saint in the Catholic religion?). It was the word MOLOKAI. That was the name of the senior mobile home park where my mom lived in Florida. My mother was with me yesterday and she said hello to us all today. Through me, through the word MOLOKAI. My heart soared when I saw the word. I must have said hello at least 5 times repeatedly. I started telling her how much she is missed. How much I/we love her. It was WONDERFUL. I cry from the wonder as I even write this.

Thank you Joanne. For being one of those people who have enlightened me. To seeing and recognizing these signs as true gifts and blessing from our loved ones, that are on the other side.

Bless you,
Cynthia – Dearborn Heights, MI

Email received November 3, 2009:

Hi Joanne

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Spirit Communication event at Bay Path Friday night -It was wonderful-I have told so many people of the night.

Suzy – Charleton, MA

Email received November 3, 2009:

I attended the Evening of Spirit Communication in Willimantic, CT on October 30, 2009. I was amazed at Joanne’s abilities. I am looking forward to scheduling a private session with Joanne soon.

Sue – Willimantic, CT

Email received November 2nd 2009:

What a great night we had last Friday at your Demonstration of Spirit Communication event in Willimantic, Connecticut. You did a stupendous job. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

Suzanne Appleton
EastConn Community Education Coordinator

Email received September 3rd, 2009:

I had a wonderful reading with Joanne on July 25 2009. It gave me such a feeling of peace and reassurance about things I already believed. I lost my husband of 20 years on May 3, 2008. My reading with Joanne was wonderful. I had so many points of validation! I heard from four loved ones, including my beloved Danny.

Joanne, thank you so much for the peace of mind that your reading gave me. I absolutely believe you are the real thing! Thanks again.

Dina H. – Stem, NC

Email received September 3rd, 2009:

Hi Joanne:

I just wanted to say thank you. I really enjoyed meeting with you today in Boston, and it is so comforting to know that our daughter is still with us in spirit.

Warmest regards,
Sharon – Hamilton, Bermuda

Facebook Message Received August 31st, 2009:


Thanks so much for a very insightful reading yesterday. As always you’ve helped me tremendously. I so appreciate the messages you receive and relay to me from Mom!!! Thank you!

Lynne P. – Cambridge, MA

First Spiritualist Church of Onset, August 2, 2009: Comments posted to Joanne Gerber Facebook Page:

“It was wonderful. You were awesome Joanne. Your lecture and your mediumship was so inspiring. Thank you!!!!”

Dottie MacDonald Monaco Hassard – Onset, MA

“Thank you for the inspiring lecture, and most especially for the wonderfully evidential message. I was once again blown away by Spirit’s love. Thank you for the work you do :)”

April Codair – Lynn, MA

Email received July 1st, 2009:

Joanne: You already gave me a gloriously in depth reading about a year ago. You were truly 100% amazing – I’ve reflected back often on what you said – you really lightened my heavy heart.

High regards, Kay – Boston, MA

Email received June 30th, 2009:

Hi Joanne.

You gave me an amazing answer to one of my questions during a boston.com online chat. Thank you so much!

Sara – Boston, MA

This testimonial was posted to my Facebook page on June 19th, 2009:

“I had my very first reading today by Joanne. I have validated almost everything she told me, only two things I can’t seem to understand. Joanne, you were spot on, and I have received confirmation that my loved ones are around me and watching over me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful gift. I feel very uplifted!”

Debbie S. – Windsor, CA

Email received May 29th, 2009:


Thank you the wonderful reading yesterday afternoon…I still have goose bumps! lol… I really enjoyed our conversation, and I look forward to attending the seminar in November.

Benita – Swansea, MA

Email received May 10th 2009:

Hi Joanne!

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it surpassed any expectations by far. You have a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing it with me in helping me on my path. I feel very positive about everything we spoke about and thankful about some of the things that were brought to light today. And I keep thinking about my spirit guide Hannah, which is just so neat to me…I always wondered if I had one and what they were like. I was going to ask about some books you recommend but I see you have some listed on your site.

Already I have confirmed one of the things you kept mentioning, Arizona or Sedona. I do have a friend attending a Spiritual healing class there I think in the fall. And this is the friend that has been encouraging me to join her in her meditation classes, so that could possibly be it…but I will keep you informed :)

Thank you again and I hope to speak with you again in the future.
Lots of love and God bless!

Pam – Chicago, IL

Email received May 9th 2009:

Hello Joanne!

My name is Aria and I went to your spirit communication demonstration last night at Baypath in Charlton, MA. Your gift has amazed and impressed me. I would really love to have a reading from you in hopes of contacting a dearly missed family member that has crossed over. I would greatly appreciate it and will be looking forward to hearing from you! Have a great weekend!

Aria – Charlton, MA

Email received April 23rd, 2009

Hello Joanne,

I was very happy to have met you. The reading with you was amazing, you have made me a believer that the spirit lives on.

I was able to confirm most of the validations you gave me (not knowing at the time of the session), i.a. grandfather had a hip replacement, my daughter needs her roof repaired, and the ring with the red stone that belonged to her grandmother and was given to my daughter by her aunt who passed, as you mentioned in July.

You kept mentioning a lake, woods and perhaps hiking referring to that image as a memory of my sons. Upon retrospect, I think it could be a view of where I live, I look out on a lake and a wooded park which runs all along the lakefront towards Montreal.

I am so impressed with your wondrous gift and generosity. Thank you.

Inge – Lachine, Quebec

Email received March 31st 2009:


I just can’t thank you enough for being so wonderful last night during our group reading at Maureen’s. I knew from the start that it would be great. But everything I wished for came true for my dear friends and family…that people would hear just what they wanted and needed to hear from who they wanted to hear from.

While of course I appreciate that the universe and Spirit did their jobs, I REALLY appreciate that you share your gifts and talents to help bring them to us. I’m so glad I was able to play a part in bringing this group together, and I do hope that one day soon my path leads me to a place where I can be a healer of some sort too, to bring joy, comfort, peace (and laughter!) to others the way that you do.

Again, thank you so much – all blessings,

Carol – Norwood, MA

Email received March 8th, 2009:


You are a gift in my life for which I am so grateful. Working with you is like being touched by the Divine. I truly mean that…how you have helped me has been that significant.

Victoria – Santa Barbara, CA

Email received March 7, 2009:

Hi Joanne,

Thanks so much for your reading earlier today.. I also have greatly benefited from the insights and teachings of the Spirit Chat. I feel very lucky to have been able to do a reading with you!

Take care,
Chris – Edgewater, CO

Email dated December 21, 2008:

Dear Joanne,

If I had an address, I would put this in a card. I just want to thank you for helping to bring my family and me out of the darkness. You were the first medium we saw after our son passed and beyond being gifted, you were so compassionate.

Personally you gave me an answer I had searched for, for years. With both our sons problems, we had been to what was considered the best psych/medical centers all over Boston, New York and Minn. Along with me consulting many well regarded psychics. Nobody could tell us what was wrong.

When I had an appointment with you in November of 2006, you told me both our sons had a chemical disorder, it was nothing in their upbringing.You will never realize what a gift that was to me. This ironically was verified at the intensive care unit at the hospital, six months later.

I just want you to know how much you have brightened our lives.

Joan – Mendon, MA

Email December 12th, 2008:

Hi Joanne,

I just wanted to thank you SO much for the reading you did for me today (yesterday by the time you get this). The information was so accurate, even my “non-believer” husband teared up when I read him the notes I took.

Thank you so much. Means the world to me.

Lori – Salt Lake City, Utah

Email November 22, 2008:

Dear Joanne,

I wanted to drop you a note to express my deepest appreciation for the comforting reading you shared with me this morning. I can’t put into words the relief I have received from your contacting our Mother. Just knowing that she is no longer in pain and surrounded by her family and friends, especially my Brother, has had such an amazing affect relieving my previous trepidations.

She is so wonderful and now I am certain that she is never far away from us.

Thank you again so much, Joanne.

God Bless,
Lynne – Boston, MA

Email received November 15th, 2008:

I saw Joanne on November 14th at a Demonstration of Spirit Communication at Bay Path in Charlton, Massachusetts. My nephew and my son had both passed away. Joanne let me know they are together and okay. She told me several things from my son – events and names that totally validated my reading. Absolutly amazing! I was worried my son wouldn’t come thru and begged him not to be shy to please talk to her – she is a nice lady and he didn’t have to be shy around her…she picked up the fact that he was shy and that after he got going he was a talker. Spot on!!

I can’t wait to book a private reading with her – Thank you so much Joanne for letting me know my boy and nephew are okay and together.

Charlene G – Ware, MA

Email received October 4th, 2008:

Having a loved one die within the last year caused me to seek validation that they were o.k., and that life did indeed continue past this physical world. I looked at getting a reading from several mediums over the first few months including Joanne Gerber. Because she was booked up to a year in advanced, I reserved some time but also proceeded to get six readings over that one year period. I had readings from several “famous” mediums in the process.

I can say that all my other readings were “questionable” some validations came through but not specific or undeniable. Being somewhat skeptical I was impressed very little. In fact I was about to cancel my reading by the time my eighth month wait rolled around, but figured I would give it one last try and see what happens. Well, with my reading with Joanne, she did not try to direct the reading, as almost all others did . She just started telling me what she saw / heard from the other side. I was amazed when she spoke of my construction on the front of my house and specifically the stone and concrete work. My house is 700 ft in the woods and isolated. This is not something that anyone would easily find out about. The contractors are just finishing up now. Also she spoke of my uncle who has passed over “helping” to heal my hurt hand. My hand did start to hurt about a month ago and finally started to feel better within the last week. Also she spoke of a tooth that I have that needs dental work and has been bothering me. This is also true. I have a cavity under a bridge that the whole bridge will needn to be removed before it can be fixed, so the dentist told me last year to hold out as long as I could because of the extensive repair work needed. These are specifically the only medical problems I have had in the last few years.

I was sold right then and there, but more facts kept coming and the big kicker was when she kept asking about Charles. I said I did not know a Charles and she brought him up again later in the reading. After the reading I mentioned a Charles coming through to a co-worker. He got the chills, and professed to me, knowing I was going to have a reading within the next week, asked his deceased grandfather: “If you can hear me, come to Dave’s reading and let me know. ” His grandfather’s name was Charles.

I was unaware of this fact until after the reading. I would without hesitation recommend Joanne as a real medium with legitimate talent. She is worth the wait.

Dave P – Jacksonville, FL

Email received October 3rd, 2008: Joanne:

I came to the Franklin Yoga Center last Friday evening in Franklin Ma. I was so impressed with you! Your so kind and funny and very very down to earth!

Madeline – Blackstone, MA

Email received October 3rd, 2008: Joanne:

You did a reading for me the other day. I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed our session. I spoke to my daughted about some of the things I was unsure of, like Joey’s favorite black t-shirt, and she was amazed! She was the one that had been wearing his shirt. Also, my sister has the dog with the allergies, and they live in FL. Thank you so very much!

Lisa A. – Glen Burnie, MD

Email received October 4th, 2008:

Hi Joanne,

I went to your Demonstration of Spirit Communication on Friday night in Franklin and I am so glad that I went! Even though I didn’t get a reading personally it was a wonderful experience.

Thank you,
Nancy- Franklin, MA

Email received October 5th, 2008: Joanne:

I want to thank you for your demonstration of spirit communication on Friday. It validated that there are good and genuine mediums. Thank you for your inspirational information.

Marilyn S. – North Attleboro, MA Email received September 29th, 2008: Hi Joanne,

Thank you for a most enjoyable evening on Friday, September 26th at the Yoga Wellness studio in Franklin.

Your humor, kindness and patience with both astral and earth bound beings (especially with the lady who forgot about the dog pushing over the gate!) shone through on Friday. Thank you for reminding us to meditate and keep positive thoughts of love and open communication with our love ones.

Looking forward to taking one of your classes in the near future.

Keep coming to Eastern Massachusetts. We SO enjoy your personality and generous spirit !

Thanks again,

Karen K. – Medway, MA

Email received September 27th, 2008:

Hi Joanne,

My name is Kelly and I spoke with you last night at your demonstration in Franklin, MA. I would like to compliment you on your demonstration…it was awesome. In the past, I have been to other psychics/mediums but have not found validation. At this point, I feel “taken” for going to psychics who fail to validate. Through your demonstration, I truly believe that you are the real deal. Thank you for your time and once again, your demonstration was amazing.

Kelly – Franklin, MA

Email received September 27th, 2008

Hi Joanne,

Thanks so much for the wonderful event last night at Franklin Yoga. I was one of the people who was blessed to receive messages from my mother (and my cat!) through you last night. Along with that, I was so touched by the other readings, and very impressed with your style, knowledge, and gifts. I couldn’t believe you’d only been practicing for 10 years! You truly are a gifted medium, and I appreciate so much that you are sharing your gift with others.

Again, thanks for sharing your gifts – enjoy your weekend, and take time for yourself! :)

Carol – Franklin, MA

Email received September 27th, 2008:

Hi Joanne,

I want to thank you for last night’s reading (Franklin Yoga and Wellness Center in Franklin MA.) I was the first reading at this event. (My husband David) You were dead on and so accurate. I delved into the spiritual realm after my first husband was killed in an accident. I’ve never stopped. That was thirty eight years ago.

I do believe that I was there to help other people understand your very valuable dedication and commitment to helping people know that their loved ones are not lost forever.

With love, gratitude and appreciation.

Jan V. – Bellingham, MA

Email received September 26, 2008:

Dear Joanne,

Thank you again for all of your support and your incredible work. You are an angel in my life and I feel so deeply grateful that you are here for me.

Victoria – Santa Barbara, CA

Email received September 24, 2008

Joanne was great! I especially appreciated the prayer in the beginning to call for the highest and best reading for me. During the Psychic Future Reading, she introduced me to my guide and confirmed that I am always divinely guided and sustained. She also was very accurate with a date she gave me where a major healing was going to take place for me! She also saw a child that we had lost through a miscarriage and helped to bring a healing release for me, since I was still holding on :) I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and would recommend her highly!

Alex- Philadelphia, PA

Email Received September 15th, 2008:

Dear Joanne,

Your Friday night Spirit Communication Demonstration in Oxford was a transforming experience for me, (and my daughter and son-in-law, too) as you connected with my grandson, Jake. He passed exactly 4 years ago.

We are so grateful and thankful for you. Words are inadequate to express our deep joy. I’ve been on a spiritual search for so many years and Friday night washed away my remaining doubts. You will certainly see me again at one of your events.

With undying gratitude I send you my love and peace.

Jane R. – Cape Cod, MA

Email Received September 1st, 2008:

Dear Joanne,

You squeezed me in for a 30 minute reading in June (I had a 1 hour reading scheduled for February 09`, which I still kept), because I was so desperate, and I thank you, again. It was my first reading, and I was so nervous. My mind went blank. I tried to take good notes, but I still couldn’t think quick enough. The things I realized a couple days later were so amazing. I feared sharing my experience with my family, because I thought they would think I was silly for pursuing this help, but I did. Thank God, because it would not have had the impact it did without their information at the time. I would love to tell you the story sometime.

It’s incredible the information you provided for my family. I’m afraid I’m such a skeptic, but you helped so much. I’m just trying to restore my belief and faith, I’m ashamed to say. I am struggling with that, but I’m trying to work on it. I believe your gift is what can help me do that. Listening to you helps me believe, and the more I believe, the more I can start to heal, which is what I am so desperately trying to do. I have tried other Mediums recently, but, respectfully, there is no comparison. You touched on some very important things. Thank you so much.

SH – Beaver Creek, OH

Email August 25th, 2008:


I can’t thank you enough! That reading was absolutely amazing! My younger sister, Amy, passed five years ago this month after many, many years of struggling with anorexia and bulimia. She was 30 at the time and left her 9 year old son. There were a couple of things you said that my mother will have to verify, but for the most part, you were spot on. Her illness and her passing was extremely traumatic for us, so knowing that she is okay and not sick any more, and singing again, and with my grandfather means the world to me and will to my mother as well. Joanne, I really can’t thank you enough!

I’m sure you already know how gifted you are, but I thought you might want confirmation on the few things you said that I didn’t know about at the time of my telephone session with you:

1) Grandfather with pains in his legs: apparently, just before he died the cancer was causing him terrible pains.
2) “J” name my sister acknowledged: I was thinking her “friend” was named Mark, but his name was actually “Jason.”
3) Pendant and jewelry box: My mother has a pendant-necklace of Amy’s that she wears every day, but also has another one that was in a jewelry box and she just noticed it this morning, just about the time that I was on the phone with you, she said.
4) Birds: I don’t know why I didn’t remember that my sister had birds, including a small parrot when she passed and several parakeets before that.
5) Listening to music recently – There is a song from the “Sound of Music” that my mother hears every morning (on TV or the radio? I’m not sure what she said). She every time she hears it she thinks of the two of us and has been trying to remember which one of us loved that song when we were younger.

The only thing I think was left were flowers. We aren’t sure what that was. But, it might be relevant that just after I hung up the phone with you, the doorbell rang–someone sent me flowers for my birthday.

Thank you again!
Michelle – Somersworth, NH

Email received August 12th 2008:

Hi Joanne,

Thank you so much for the reading tonight. I think the timing was perfect. I’ve never thought of myself as being someone that would be considered very needy, usually I’m the shoulder that gets leaned on, but I think in the past few months, if you had talked to me before now, my energy would have been something of desperation (since Mom passed Feb 5th). As much as I understand that in the spirit realm things really don’t matter like they seem to on this plane, having lost someone you love and care for so much, well those beliefs get put aside and all you want to do is hang on. I guess that is what they call grieving. My Mom touched so many (more than I realized until her passing) and I just never expected her to leave this earth so early. She did struggle with her asthma but she didn’t really show how much it really bothered her, we just saw her as being so strong, with having overcome so much, I thought nothing would take her early.

I talked to my sister Beth today and received a bit more confirmation on some things you had had said. Catherine and Edward were my aunt and uncle on my dad’s side. I knew them as Kay and Eddie. She was my dad’s sister and was married to Eddie. And that name you gave, Piedmont, was the name of a street that my mom used to talk about. I don’t remember it but my oldest sister Beth does. She doesn’t remember what the reference was but for sure it was confirmation.

You brought me in touch with her and for that I am truely grateful. I have had a couple of people offer me readings, but no one had come close to communicating with her. I feel that you did. You have brought me a sense of peace.

If ever you do any web courses or teleconferences, please be sure to let me know. I’d love to sit in on one and who knows, maybe sometime I’ll get a chance to sit in, in person. I’ve been wanting to take a trip to do a weekend seminar or conference so maybe some day you’ll have something I can attend and I can have the opportunity to meet you in person and to once again say thank you.

You’ve always seemed so familiar to me so it was nice that you thought that my voice was familiar sounding, that we had perhaps met before.

Take care and hopefully we’ll be in touch.
Alana – Sheet Harbor, Nova Scotia

Email received August 6th 2008:


We had a telephone reading last Thursday, July 31. After going back and reviewing our reading which I taped, I just had to email you to tell you that everything you related was right on target.

First off, when you said a mother figure was coming through I just assumed it was my mother. I was a bit surprised because I wasn’t very close to my mother. And when you said she was a very kind and loving person whose friends and family meant a great deal to her, I was really taken back because my mother was at times extremely selfish and preoccupied with her own wants and needs and not those of her children. (She loved us, but I think she loved herself more). In listening to the tape of the reading, it was immediately apparent to both my husband and I that it was not my mother, but was in fact, HIS mother, my mother-in-law, who I had only met twice before she passed of lung cancer in 1981. (If you recall, you asked if she was a smoker). I don’t know why I did not make the connection during our reading as it was so on target. Maybe it was because I was a bit nervous. If you recall, my responses to you were “maybe” or “that doesn’t sound like my mother.” I just had to get back to you to let you know that your messages were clear despite all my denials and vague responses to all your messages from the “mother figure”.

You said that the mother figure coming through had books and magazines around her and she related that she regretted not having read all the books she had wanted to read. My husband’s mother was quite the intellectual and loved to read. My mother, on the other hand, probably read nothing more than the daily newspaper. You said she had a daughter who traveled or took trips. It was my husband’s sister, not my sister, who has lived and worked all over the world. She also has worked for most of her life as a researcher at various universities. This explains why my mother in law showed you a school. This is the sister she was referring to that lived along the “Gold Coast”, actually Arizona which borders California that you mentioned). She also wanted to acknowledge “Norma”. My husband’s name is Norman. She also wanted to acknowledge a “Jean” or “Jen”. I call my daughter “Jen” which is short for Jennifer. And yes, my husband has diabetes and has been cheating on his diet a lot lately. This information was absolutely valuable in proving that they do follow our lives as my mother in law, despite being dead for over 25 years, knew that my husband had diabetes which he just discovered a couple years ago in a routine checkup. Like a mother, she was almost scolding him for cheating on his diet and for working too hard. But what is more convincing is that most of the things she mentioned were actually things my husband and I had talked about just a day or so before the reading: how hard my husband’s mother’s life had been; how difficult it must have been difficult raising three young children during the Depression; his father’s drinking; how she was orphaned at the age of four and all her siblings save for one brother had been separated and scattered. This is why she mentioned that she was with her brother and that she was reunited with the rest of her siblings. But what really was probative was when you said that she apologized for not showing my husband physical affection and you said it was because of a fear of loss. Joanne, believe it or not, just the day before my husband and I talked her having lost a child at the age of 7 and another one at the age of 3 may have caused her not to show much affection for her children and to hold back a bit so as not to get too close. I told my husband that I believe it was her “fear of loss” that caused her to withhold physical affection. It was remarkable when you said these exact words.

The messages from my deceased brother were also absolutely appropriate and on target. The phraseology that you used in the messages even sounded very much the same as he would have used. I have been so distraught since his passing last year and his messages to me gave me great comfort. He was the reason I scheduled my reading with you. I am so glad that he hears me talking to him. Many times I look at his photograph on my desk and talk to him aloud and I have wondered if he could hear me talking to him. Imagine how happy I was when he said to tell me that he heard me when I spoke to him. I thought he might because many time I have felt his presence, especially when I am alone in my car.

Last, I want to acknowledge that one of the spirits who anxiously came through while you were receiving from my mother in law was the 31 year old son of my brother’s best friend who was killed in a roadside accident a few weeks ago. His name was Michael. That’s why you asked if I knew someone by the name of Michael. The name “Don” you mentioned is Michael’s father who he wanted to acknowledge. You asked me if my brother had lost his drivers license. In talking to Michael’s father, Don, I learned that it was Michael who had lost his drivers license. Michael was also driving a pickup truck the night he was killed in a one-vehicle mishap. This may be the truck you saw parked on the side of the road. Something interesting happened two days before my reading on Thursday. Although I did not know Michael very well and am not especially close to his family, I had a sudden urge to call this parents that Tuesday afternoon. And although I have probably only called them maybe twice in my life, I knew their phone number. I talked to his father and told him that I was to have a reading with a psychic medium in a couple days. I told him that I was hoping to get a message from my brother, his best friend. I said and wouldn’t it be nice if Michael were to come through. I believe that it was Michael who whispered in my ear to call his parents so that they would be prepared for the message they would be receiving from him in a couple days. It really is amazing.

Thank you so much, Joanne. The reading I have was really an affirmation that we don’t die, but rather that there is LIFE after life.

Rita – Frankfort, KY

Email received July 28th 2008:


I cannot express my gratitude enough for my reading on July 19th. I had booked almost 8 months ago and had no idea then that my Mom would be someone that I desperately wanted to hear from. She died the Monday before my reading. I spoke with you only a few hours before her funeral.

The information you provided including names and numbers of children, etc. were so accurate that it assisted me tremendously. I have no doubt you were communicating with my Mom and since she died unexpectedly from a heart attack, I really needed some closure.

Thank you again.
Lisa – Denver, CO

Email received July 17, 2008:


The reading you gave me a few years go transformed my life and began my spiritual path and I will always be grateful to you.

Love & Blessings,

Email received May 22, 2008:

Dear Joanne,

Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. Your connection with my late husband was amazing. The details of his passing, the people around him, that he was thanking the person with the letter “J” that tried to save his life. The fact that I am wearing his ring, that I have continued to collect the new quarters. Naming his children, important dates, and so much more… Thank you for giving me peace of mind that he is well and at peace, as that was the most important thing for me to know. This is great comfort for me to know this and I know that when I am called home, he will be there waiting for me.

Sending you blessings…
Irene – Austin, TX

Email received May 21, 2008:

Hi Joanne,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your demonstration at Waterstreet Cafe . I am the blonde woman in the blue shirt who asked you about your workshop. I am very interested in the workshop and will be monitoring your website from time to time for updates. You were in touch with my husband’s spirit and that is very comforting for me.

Joanne D.- Fall River, MA

Email received May 19, 2008:


I attended your event at Bay Path High School in Charlton MA. I was very touched and enlightened. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Diann – North Brookfield, MA

Email to Oprah, May 15, 2008:

Joanne, I wrote and sent this to Oprah today:

I’m a skeptic by nature…and a devout Catholic. After the sudden death of my beloved mom (I’m an only child, and my dad passed away when I was young) I contacted a well-known local medium who had been mentioned in the Boston Globe…Joanne Gerber.

I was shocked to hear that she was booked solid sixth months in advance….so I waited, expecting a farce.

When we did have our appointment…she gave me information about my late mom…but not only that! Deceased aunts and uncles (with details about their personal habits, appearances, personalities!) and deceased PETS that she COULD NOT have known if she didn’t have a “gift”. Additionally, she had stressed that I should *not* at any time prior to or during the reading reveal any information about myself except for my name–not my age, demographics, etc.

I’m a believer. Joanne Gerber is the real deal. Oprah, I don’t care if you put me on the show, but you should put her on.

Andrea D. – Methuen, MA

Email dated May 9th 2008:

Dear Joanne,

I had attended the recent spirit communication demonstration on April18th at Bay Path Regional Vocational School. I went there expecting an interesting night, but not much as far as making any connections, and felt I would leave there with the usual…. Was that real? ….BUT you blew me away. I was so impressed, and you are what I have been hoping to find.

Michelle – Charlton, MA

Email May 8th, 2008:

Hi Joanne,
It was really nice speaking with you yesterday!

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for returning my call so quickly and for being so accommodating in always finding time to fit me into your clearly busy schedule.

I am usually someone who goes through life making my own decisions and doing the best I can to make right choices – unfortunately, the last few years have been very painful and confusing and your guidance has been invaluable to me in helping me navigate through this difficult time. Please know that I truly appreciate all you have done to help me.

Have a great day,
Nancy – Andover, MA

Email May 8th, 2008:

Joanne, I hope you are well and happy, although I would expect nothing less for you.

I wanted to update you since you gave me my medium reading in December. You really eased my mind about my late mother. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts with others.

Continue to take good care,
Amy – Philadelphia, PA

Email dated April 25, 2008:

Hello Joanne:
We had a Session on Thursday, and I was so moved by it that my husband would like to have a session with you. Thanks again it was really a great experience.

Kind regards,
Nichole – Cooper City, FL

Email dated April 15th, 2008:

Thank you so much, Joanne. I have to say how impressed I am at what came through today. The session was very helpful and you were dead on on everything. I’m so glad that I discovered you. I am so appreciative that you are doing this work…it is truly God’s work and your loving nature shines through in your sessions.

Victoria – Bakersfield, CA

March 11, 2008

Hi Joanne,

I just wanted to thank you for the reading on Wednesday. It was very uplifting.

Grace – Lawrence, NY

Email received March 6, 2008:

Hi Joanne,

My name is Linda and I had a reading with you on Feb. 6th. I just wanted to tell you the reading was wonderful. My Grandma came through and my husband’s father who passed less than a year ago. I had really hoped to hear from both of them so I was happy when I did. My husband isn’t sure he believes in Mediums but I did tell him about his father coming through, and he could not believe how accurate the information was. I do think it brought him great comfort. Also, I was so happy to hear my sweet Frisky kitty cat was with my Grandma because that was who I had hoped he was with. I had even prayed for my Grandma to take care of him when he passed.

Thank you Joanne, for the great reading. It was so nice to hear from some of my loved ones. May God always give you many blessings.

Linda – Broken Arrow, OK

Email received February 17th 2008:

These validations are documentation from two mediumistic sessions that took place over an internet chat room, for a hearing impaired client, unable to receive a session by telephone:

Joanne, you have an amazing gift! I have had two internet readings with you that have been incredible.

The first reading was in June 2007. A woman came through that you said was my grandma on my mom’s side, with whom I had a close connection. You said there was a child with her, a female spirit. You said the child was connected to me and that she passed young – in her twenties, and that her passing was unexpected. You said there was a head injury. You said it involved a motor vehicle, that drinking was involved and it happened at night. You said there was a male passenger. You seemed to feel that he was here on the physical. All of this is correct. I was close to my grandma. My daughter died unexpectedly (with head injuries) in an automobile accident at age twenty-five. The accident happened in the very early morning hours. Her husband was with her and he survived the accident.

You described my daughter perfectly. She is a very pretty girl, has a wonderful personality, has a nice sense of humor, enjoyed music, liked to read and write.

In the first reading, you said my daughter was aware of an angel statue. We have eight angel statues that were given to us at her funeral. I have them sitting on the bookcase, where I see them every day.

You said she gave you an image of fish. The first thought that came to my mind was a baby nursery that had fish painted on the walls – an undersea theme. Several of my daughter’s friends have had babies but this particular one, who painted fish and other sea creatures on the nursery wall, named her baby after my daughter. I think she was letting us know she is aware of this!

You said she showed you the month of May. (Her sister’s birthday is in May.) You said you heard the name “Jen”. (Her sister’s name is Jennifer.) You said she was sending belated Happy Birthday wishes to Jen.

You said there was an older gentleman in spirit, like a grandfather vibration, on my dad’s side of the family. (My dad has passed.) You said there was a gentleman in spirit that was a smoker. (My dad was not.) You asked if my dad had a brother that passed. You said he was the smoker and he passed young. (My dad did have a brother that died in the war before I was born.) You said they are together again in spirit. How wonderful to know that! (My mom later asked my aunt if their brother was a smoker. She said he was a heavy smoker.)

I asked if my dad had a message for my mom. He said she worries too much and needs to take better care of herself. (True.) He showed you dancing. (They went dancing often when they were younger.) He also acknowledged their wedding anniversary that was coming up. (The anniversary was coming up in a couple of weeks at the time of the reading.)

The second reading was in January 2008. One of the first things my daughter showed you was hair accessories. I have all of her hair barrettes and hair ties, but I have not handled them recently. I am wondering if she is showing humor in her awareness of her little namesake, who at this time has very little hair.

You said my daughter showed you her bedroom. You asked if I have been in her room lately. You said she is aware that I talk to her in her bedroom. (I am in her bedroom a lot. I do talk to her often when I am in there.)

You said my daughter showed you flowers being placed at the cemetery recently. That she is grateful for the flowers and that she appreciates beauty. How wonderful to know that she is aware that we do this. We are always putting flowers on her grave for the changing seasons and special occasions.

You told me you see a lot of children around her. You said you feel she loved children. You said you feel like she could have been a teacher. What a great validation! My daughter was an early childhood teacher. She did love children. How nice to know she is fulfilling her passion of teaching on the other side!

You said my daughter showed you the month of December, around Christmas time. This is significant because this is when she died.

You said my daughter is with a dog on the other side. We have two dogs that have passed, one after my daughter died. You said you wanted to also talk about a white dog. You said there was a strong connection to the white dog. I was confused at first, because one of the dogs that passed was a white poodle. Then I realized the dog she has the strong connection to is the white dog she left behind. She only had him for about a month and a half before she died. This was “her” dog – he meant a lot to her. We have been taking good care of him for her.

You said my grandmother was with my daughter. You said my grandma liked to bake bread and pies. (True.) You said my grandma showed you a farm. (We spent a lot of time on my grandparent’s farm when we were growing up.) You said my grandma is aware that my mom is having difficulties with joint issues on the left side. (True.)

Joanne, you are an incredible person with an amazing gift. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. You have brought me so much peace.

Cindy – Staunton, IL

Email received February 15th 2008:

Hi Joanne,

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my reading with you. It was very informative as well as validating things I thought I already knew. Sometimes I just need to hear things from someone else.

Tracy – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Email received February 13th 2008:

Hi Joanne,

You did a reading with me a few months ago. Our house sold in South Carolina, and we are moving to Portland, Maine in March… exactly the time table you predicted when we spoke.

Thank you,
Stephanie – South Carolina

February 1st, 2008:

Joanne, The reading with you put me at ease during what has been an extremely traumatic time in my life. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gift.

Victoria – Santa Barbara, CA

February 1st, 2008:

I had a great telephone session with you about a year ago, and I would like to try to schedule one again, when you have time. I have had a great year since we spoke. You gave me messages to pass on to my mother-in-law, if you will recall- from her brother who had passed. She was the one that he said would not be receptive.

Well, he was right, she was not receptive, and she even took me to lunch to talk to me about how the Bible says not to go to psychics, etc, etc. But I was prepared for that, ( thanks to you.) I also got some Bible verses ready to argue my point ( respectfully.) I don’t think I changed her mind, but I felt glad that I had passed on messages of love from her brother through your reading.

On the other hand, my husband, who is a true believer, was thrilled to hear from his Uncle, and has taken his advice about his health and career seriously. It has been nice to see some of my husband’s anxiety relieved. Thanks to you! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care,

Mary – Spokane, WA

Email Received January 30th 2008:

Joanne, You came to my house Dec 10th 2006 and were gracious enough to do private sessions for our group. You gave me the most amazing reading! My old boyfriend whom I just found out committed suicide back in 2004 came through and you pretty much changed my life at that moment. You closed the chapter of grief I was feeling for his misery which stemmed from an illness. I heard about your talents from a friend who had just completed a telephone session with you after her mother passed. She was also blown away by the accuracy. We would both like to visit you for another session.

Nancy – Waltham, MA

Email received January 25, 2008:

Hi Joanne- I just wanted to express my thanks to you for a truly profound and amazing experience yesterday. I feel comforted to know that my mother and her love is around my children and me.

Once again, Joanne, my deepest thanks.

Jody – Longmeadow, MA

Testimonial Submitted to joannegerber.com, 12/10/07:

“I had a phone session with you back in August 2007. I was nervous to begin with, but as the reading progressed, I calmed down.You were right about the transaction I made over the internet, you told me it would it would cost me lots of lost money, and it did. I’m just waiting on everything else to come true. I’m still crossing my fingers about the little boy you saw in my future. I just love reading the testimonials about the countless lives you touch and bring blessings to. Keep up the great work Joanne. You are a blessed soul.”

Thank You soo much,

Natasha D.

Email received December 9th, 2007

Regards Ms. Gerber,

I met you briefly at the Forever Family Foundation program in Glastonbury, Saturday evening. A very powerful and uplifting experience.

As a note, I actually first heard of you on the Bob Olson site, which inadvertently recently led me to news of the event on Saturday. I had rather hoped to meet you one day, and then there you were, only a few miles from my home! Very exciting.

Thank you for being part of bringing us such meaningful event.

Susan – Glastonbury, CT

Email received December 9th, 2007


You spoke to my friend Linda about her mother after the Group session on December 8th in Glastonbury, CT for the Forever Family Foundation. I just wanted to drop a note to say Thank you. It was kind of you to take the time to give her some comfort. I’m thanking you because you also helped me, since I know I wouldn’t have been able to give her information to help her. I’m sure you know how frustrating it is to see someone you love in pain, and not be able to find the right thing to say to give them a break, even if it’s only for a moment, from it. So for helping Linda take another step toward healing and therefore helping me, I thank you.


Laura – Glastonbury, CT


Email received November 7th, 2007

“Good Evening Joanne…My name is Kathy. I was at the November 2nd Communication Evening at BayPath Voc School in Charlton, MA. I have to say that I was completely and utterly amazed!!”

“You spoke to me about my brother. You even described him as a tall, blond, good-looking young man that was tapping his foot and full of energy and jokes. I went there not really thinking that it could happen to me. You gave me a gift that I will treasure forever!!! To have that experience made me realize that I may once again see my brother.”

Thank you again and may God bless you.
Kathy – Charlton, MA

Email received November 7th, 2007

“Dear Joanne…First of all, let me tell you that I am 59 years old, and for most of my life I have considered myself an agnostic. I have an accounting degree, and my logical mind has a hard time believing that which can’t be proven to me. As I get older, I, of course, want very much to believe that there is “something” after death, and that we all will see our loved ones again. I saw you in Charlton, last Friday night, Nov. 2. Although you did not give me a reading, I was absolutely amazed at the ones you gave to others. I saw people get the comfort that they needed, getting messages from parents and children that seemed to ease their minds and hearts. I don’t know how anybody could sit through that demonstration and not believe.”

Thank you,
Linda – Charlton, MA

Email received November 6th, 2007

“Hello Joanne…I attended the Night of Spirit Communication on Friday at Bay Path Regional Vocational School, and wanted to let you know how you truly helped some of those people. I cannot imagine doing anything more fulfilling than helping and healing others.”

God bless you and your work!

Rose – Charlton, MA

Email dated November 3rd, 2007

“Dear Joanne…I just saw you last night at your Spirit Communication Demonstration in Charlton, and I was completely blown away. It was my second time seeing a medium. I would love to see you again”!

Sherry – Leicester, MA

Email dated November 3rd, 2007

Dear Ms. Gerber:

“I was present at your mediumship demonstration at Bay Path Regional Vocational School tonight with my sister when you contacted my father, the welder who was primarily concerned with my mother – her eyes. I was quite stunned. Thank you for all you did tonight. You were absolutely marvelous and well worth every penny.. If you are at Bay Path again, I’m pretty darn sure we will be there. Thank you.”

Pat – Charlton, MA

Email dated November 3rd, 2007

Hi Joanne,

“My friends and I met you last night at Bay Path. You were remarkable! Thank you so much for choosing this path in life – you are truly an inspiration to all of us.”

Thank you again,
Cathy – Charlton, MA

Email dated October 29th, 2007

“Dear Joanne…Thank you so much for answering my question about my mom on the your Spirit Chat room event tonight. I was logged in as Pearlie. The words you used in reference to my mom sending me a message were exactly as she would speak. For instance, when you said everything would be fine that was always her exact phrase she would say. And when you mentioned buttons that really validated it for me because when my mom was very sick she always said she hoped she would find a button in heaven to help close the open hole feeling she felt in her chest. Thank you for everything.


Email received October 5th, 2007:

Hi Joanne:

This is Charlene and I had a reading with you on September 21, 2007, remember me? I’ve been wanting to email you, but got busy with work and everything else.

I was thinking about my reading I had with you. Now that I had time to think, a lot came to me.

You mentioned coffee ice cream with mom. After the reading it hit me like a ton of bricks !!! It wasn’t mom with coffee ice cream, but my 6-year-old son !!!!! About a month or 2 ago, me, my dad and my son went to the Cheesecake Factory that just opened up at the mall. I’ve been wanting to go. Anyway, after dinner, the waitress asked if we would like dessert. I got a cheesecake and my son demanded the coffee ice cream. He never heard of it or even had it before and I was leery he would not like it or eat it. The waitress said they had chocolate, vanilla and that coffee ice cream. After much going back and forth with him, he got the coffee ice cream and he loved it !!!!!!!!!! Turns out dad and I took a taste and we all like it. So, you just proved to me that mom was there watching and mentioned the coffee ice cream. How else could you have mentioned, specifically, coffee ice cream. Thank you so much, Joanne. Sorry it never dawned on me during the reading, but I was so wrapped up in mom that that was all I was thinking about.

I was amazed how you mentioned a birthday celebration around the Fourth of July. My dad’s birthday is July 8, and 2 of my nephew’s birthdays are in July as well. One is right on my dad’s birthday, July 8 and the other is July 9 the day after. We always celebrated all 3 of their birthdays on the Fourth of July with a cookout and a birthday cake. I had to think about this and then it dawned on me. You mentioned a birthday celebration around the 4th. This past July, again, all 3 birthdays, but we wanted to do something special for dad since this is the first year without mom. We took him to Penn Brewery (Pittsburgh Brewery) where they serve food, not to mention the beer, lol !!!! (I live in PA). We ate and everything, but you can’t smoke in there, lol !!!!! Some of us smoke and they had picnic tables outside with a bar where you can smoke, so we all went outside and sat at those picnic tables. You mentioned on my reading of the birthday with a picnic table outside. Mom was there.

You also mentioned seeing bees, if someone was allergic to bees or if someone got stung by a bee. I could not think of anything. It dawned on me again after the reading. I bought my son a bug catcher for his birthday that he wanted so bad and he catches bees in it, particularly bumble bees (I make him let them loose after a while), but he is so engrossed on catching bees. Mom is watching him as well.

You mentioned gardening, if mom liked flowers, a green thumb, etc. Mom did like flowers, but neither I nor mom did gardening, but my dad does, in a way. He was raised on a farm and he always plants tomato plants where we have our own tomatoes. This summer dad planted very pretty flowers in front of the house. Mom was watching dad and saw the flowers he planted in front of the house.

You mentioned seeing a cup of sugar. Mom showing you the kitchen and holding sugar. I was not baking, but that day making homemade iced tea on the stove. I discovered I did not have enough sugar for the tea and went to the store just for sugar.

It’s also true that I do spend a lot of time in the house nowadays. I work at home. But, I am so depressed since mom’s passing that I don’t want to do anything. Nothing interests me anymore and I know I have to snap out of it and take my son out more. I am becoming a hermit, but I will never get over mom.

Grandma Martis’ potatoes. That floored me that you mentioned potatoes with grandma. Mom used to make them and that is what we called them, Grandma Martis’ potatoes. I have no idea how to make them, but she put something in them and fried them, and you mentioned the smell of potatoes frying in oil. You really hit the nail on the head.

I have had three readings done with three different mediums, and you all brought up mom. You gave more detail with bees and the coffee ice cream, and Grandma Martis’ potatoes (I can’t get over that one), how could I have not thought of that and such detail with Grandma Martis’ potatoes. You are the only one that brought up stuff like this.

Yes, the dog with an “S” her name that came through in the reading was Sheba and mom loved that dog. When Sheba passed away, mom took it very bad. You are the only one who had mentioned a dog. I don’t know how you do it, but you are great. You even described Sheba that she was a female, medium-sized dog and tan colored. There would be no way you could have known this unless you were in contact with mom and/or Sheba herself.

I thank you for the reading you gave me and wanted to let you know that you were great.

By the way, Dottie ended up calling us about a week after the reading. She is doing well, but her husband, my dad’s WW II buddy, has dementia and getting worse. They live in Baltimore. Mom and dad would go to Baltimore to visit them and they would come here to Pennsylvania to visit. And you mentioned that as well. Dottie is getting concerned over her husband.

My friend in Tennessee. I met her through work as a medical transcriptionist. We keep in touch and talk now and again. You specifically mentioned Tennessee and I do keep in touch with her. You really hit a lot of things that you could not have known.

Charlene M. – Glenshaw, PA

Email received September 16th 2007:

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU Joanne, for my reading on September 13th. I received some wonderful validations plus further enlightened insights when reviewing my notes later. Thank you for the wonderful reading.”

Wishing you Great Blessings, Peace and Light,

Reggie S. – Port Orange, FL

Email: August 30th 2007:

“Hello Joanne…Have you ever thought that you did something and then realize that you didn’t? Well, I just realized that I never sent you a note expressing my gratitude for the reading you did for me on July 30th. Your description of my husband was right on, as was everything you felt. Many validations. It’s truly a gift to receive messages and to feel the love of someone dear who has crossed over, thanks to folks like you who are more spiritually in tune than most of us. You put a smile on my face that day, and I reflect on that time quite often. Trusting and believing that his remains will be found isn’t an easy task, but it’s what keeps me going some days. I know that it will happen, but I have good days and some not so good days. One of the good things that has come out of the last year, is the path of spiritual learning and awareness that my journey is taking me on. Truly amazing…”

“So, many thanks for the time you spent with me…I am grateful.”Peace,

Janet – North Conway, New Hampshire

Email August 15, 2007:

“Dear Joanne, I wanted to thank you so very much for the reading on 24 July 2007. I know you had to push your schedule to be able to do it, and it meant a lot to me. I am still amazed at what you were able to tell me about my situation without any information whatsoever from me. You were extremely accurate with descriptions of people and circumstances in my life that are causing me upset at present. You have such an honest and kind way in which to listen, advise and communicate what you see ahead. It gave me great solace to speak to you and you gave me the courage to continue, without giving false hope. You are a truly gifted intuitive and you are very generous with your time and yourself. Thank you.”

Nicole – Hague (The Netherlands)

Email August 8, 2007:

“Hi Joanne…The whole meeting today was amazing. No words can describe how grateful we are that you were able to share your wonderful gift with us. Thank you so much for seeing us. My son, the one that was in the near fatal car accident – the accident he came out of with a little road rash and a concussion – was amazed with what we had to say. Our two other children, were just in awe. I am so thankful that in this day and age that people have such an open mind to the spiritual world. I hope our paths cross some day again in the future.”

Michele – Swansea, MA

Email Dated July 25th 2007:

“Joanne…Thank you again for such a memorable and moving experience and I wish you continued success in your wonderful readings.”

Aloha and Mahalo,
Karen – Honolulu, HI

Email dated July 15th, 2007:

“Hi Joanne…It is a JOY to speak with you again. I am the RN you gave a reading to in February 21, 2007 in Los Angeles. You connected me with my mother who passed over on Thanksgiving Day. At the meeting, my husbands departed mother and father came through.

I cannot tell you the comfort those messages brought to my grief stricken heart. Your information was 100% accurate. I have transcribed the session below.”

On February 21st, 2007, I met with Psychic Medium Joanne Gerber in Los Angeles for a session. She said “You are here to connect to someone passed on?”

I nodded YES. I did not say anything else or give further information.

Joanne Gerber said: “I am going to sit silently while I connect to those on the other side. I will then say a prayer and invocation,invoking your spirit guides, masters, teachers and loved ones to step forward and work with us. I will then begin the session.”

We sat quietly for a few minutes.

Joanne then opened her eyes and said: “I have a male and female connection coming forth. They are telling me that they are both your parents.” Joanne then paused for a moment and said: “You are here to contact your Mother.”

I nodded YES.

Joanne continued: “Mother is telling me that she passed in her 80’s, in the hospital, and that her birthday would be in the month of February.”

I nodded YES.

Joanne talked about our “special” mother-daughter relationship. Joanne said: “She says she knows how much you love her,and that she says she knows you were there when she passed…she is acknowledging the family around her bedside just prior to her passing. She says she was not herself before she passed, that her mind was not in a good state, and that she was glad to get out of her physical body…she was tired of being poked with needles.”

I nodded YES. A few hours before her passing, the IV in her arm came out, and the nurses had a difficult time trying to get the needle back in. They stuck her several times,and my sister was at her bedside and observed the event.

Joanne said: “She is telling me that she was afraid to die, but it was not as bad as she thought it would have been. She said she just fell asleep. She is also showing me that a male was there to help her cross over. I get the initials JM. She says he was at her bedside before she left her body. He held out his hand to her to help her. The male shows me that he passed from a heart condition.”

I nodded YES. (My father’s name was Jim)

Joanne continued: “He is showing me sittng in a lounge chair, reading the newspaper.”

I nodded YES. (When we were teenagers, father would come home from work, sit in the lounge chair and read the newspaper, watch TV and listen to the radio at the same time. I would often ask him how he could do all three things at one time!)

Joanne said: “Mother is saying to tell your younger sister that she loves her. She said the family broke apart after her passing.”

I nodded YES. (Family disagreements occurred related to an ongoing family crisis.

Joanne said: “Your Mom is telling me that she is with her sister Flonnie, and that they were estranged at the end due to alcohol problems. They have reconciled and healed their relationship by talking about their life growing up as children.”

I nodded YES. (Sister Flonnie passed of alcohol related throat cancer and both grew up in an abusive family.

Joanne continued: “Mom is saying to tell younger daughter Linda that she can hear her talking to her. She says that she spent the years prior to Mom’s passing revolving around her, and that she is still grieving the loss. She feels weighed down and drained. She is stuck in negative thinking. She saw the flowers she bought her for her birthday, and she likes them. She also saw Linda visiting her gravesite.”

I nodded YES.

Joanne said: “Mo is telling me that your life is at a crossroad now. You are writing for a class or book. Doors will open for you. Others are coming to help you. You must push a head with this. You are being held back by stress at work.”

I nodded YES.

Joanne continued: “She is also talking about her grandson with the two children. She says she is happy that he has ended a toxic relationship. She is sending healing to your brother who is stuck and frustrated. She want to tell them that she loves them.”

I nodded YES. (Her grandson does have two children, and Mother was only aware of one when she was here…apparently she is aware of the second child from the other side.)

Joanne said: “Your sister will heal, slowly. You’ve done all you can for her. You are ahead…she shows me a scene of you leading a parade…everyone is trying to catch up with you. She is proud of what you are doing with your life.”

I nodded YES and wiped the tears from my eyes. (At the funeral,I told the preachers wife that all I wanted was for my mother to be proud of what I was able to do with my life,because of all that she did for me. I have never made that statement to anyone else.)

Joanne said: “I have another male and female that are connecting here to your husband…They are talking about a January 6th birthday. They are speaking Yiddish between each other. The male also speaks Russian. They say you are his life. You have been good for him. His last marriage drained him. They are showing me that they took him to theme parks when he was a child, and showing me that they moved from New York to California. Mother passed of a heart problem. “

I nodded YES and was stunned. I did not know anything about my husbands parents. They passed twenty years before I met my husband. My husband later confirmed that his parents did speak Yiddish between themselves, but spoke English with the children. Father was able to speak Russian. Parents too k him to Coney Island in New York,and his parents moved from New York to California when his father retired. His mother passed of a heart attack in 1969.

Pat H., RN/MSN, Nursing Educator
Los Angeles, CA

Excerpt from email dated July 14th, 2007:

Medium Reading on Radio

July 5, 2007

Psychic Medium Joanne Gerber as guest medium on Signs of Life Radio: “Let’s Talk About The Afterlife.”

I talked with Fran from Forever Family Foundation a couple days ago and told her what a fabulous reading I had with you two awesome mediums at 37:48 to 46:42 into the Signs of Life show on Thursday July 5. She did not hear it that night, but said that those who did were most impressed.

I was really amazed at the amount of information that you two ladies were able to give to me and the trivial stuff that ONLY could have come from my loved ones. I can never thank you enough.

I counted up 20 different things that you both brought through about personality traits or things that they could see like jewelry, a pendant around the neck, names connected, etc.

Out of that 20 there were only three that did not immediately make sense to me.

I called in right away and was on hold for two other callers whom they read quite well. I told the two mediums that I had lost my son, sister and mother and had never before had a reading before. So I would love to hear from any of them or all of them.

As they would tell me these things they would often ask “does that make sense to you?”

Right away Joanne Gerber said that “the energy I feel around you is coming from a young man who comes through from spirit, Penny. I feel like his passing was very sudden. Do you understand that? Oh, yes. “Because he is telling me that there was no preparation and that there was nothing he could have done to prevent it . Do you understand?” Oh yes.! “And I feel like was he kind of like in his late teens or early twenties?” I said that he was 29. “OK, Alright. Because I feel that as I connect with his energy here too that he was a very young spirited young man, so much energy”. Oh yea.

“I want to say that he liked to make people laugh. Because he is like kind of fooling around …He could have been like joking around… in a very loving way. And I feel like..”

Joanne suddenly stops and pauses and says: “Interesting, OK”

“Would you understand a necklace or a pendant connected to him? I said: A necklace or a pendant..I could understand a medal worn around his neck. .”A medal worn around his neck, thank you, because that is what I am getting, some sort of pendant or something that he wore around his neck”. I almost fell over. I validated to her that he was in the New York City marathon and the Philadelphia half marathon and I have those medals right here next to me. “He is making me aware that it is something that you recently looked at or handled, or you said you have them with you, so that is good validation right there from him that he is right there with you.” (Before I got on the air, I gazed up at Tom’s NYC Marathon poster with his medal around his neck and asked him to talk to me tonight. I had asked Tom, mom and Jan to all talk to me if they could, but I really, really missed all of them and wanted them all to talk to me). Both mediums got excited by these validations that I gave them.

“You know he is one that I feel really enjoyed nature..He loved the outdoors. I feel like you couldn’t keep him indoors very long.” I said: He had to be on the water as much as he could , he was an ocean person and he wanted to get a job outside, and finally did just before he passed. I could hear the excitement in her voice when she told me she was to happy to be able to validate this for me.

“Your sister would have passed before your son?”

I said: Yes, it was quite a bit before it was in 2000 and then Tom in 2006.

“Because he is giving me the sense of meeting her when he crossed over. That she was there to help him”.

I said: I knew that she would be! (I had told my whole family when we met at Mike’s house in Wildwood, NJ to plan his funeral that I just knew that Jan would be right there to take Tom by the hand and help him when he got to heaven.”)

” I also feel a strong religious connection with your Mom” Oh yes. “Like somebody who was a church goer. You understand that?” Oh yes. “OK, because I feel like she is giving me the sign of the cross”. OK “And I feel like this is kind of something that she would do kind of like out of superstition so to speak. Do you understand that with her?” No. She wasn’t like that. There wasn’t like any superstitious thing going on. “But she went to church quite often.” There were pictures of Christ in her bedroom and she definitely had crosses all over the house.

“And her costume jewelry she talks about, too. Would you understand that?”

Oh, laughing.she ONLY had costume jewelry.

“OK”. We put it out and pretty much gave away what we could.

“She had a collection”. She had a collection. This is too funny! (I had spent considerable time laying out mom’s costume jewelry in a display on the top of her chest of drawers. I asked every girl and woman in our family to please check it and try to find a little something to take that will remind them of my mother. There was not a lot, but it was lovingly displayed on that chest top for several months. At her memorial service reception at her home in May, I was able to give much of it away to the family members who came from all over. My own 28 year old daughter chose a necklace that she wore to the service.mom’s favorite flower, .the dogwood, on a chain. I have been wearing one of her REAL pieces that is her birthstone on a small gold chain.ever since the night of her passing. I gave it to her many years ago.told her she needed to have some REAL jewelry. She rarely wore any at all.and only for special occasions. So, since her passing there has been a much larger connection to mom with jewelry than there was during her life. I know that she was acknowledging that to me.)

This reading was absolutely right on. I am still reeling with the amount of information that both received from Tom, Jan and Mom and how it all made such perfect sense. AND.it was mostly personality stuff or trivial stuff that only I could even understand.

I can only thank the mediums, which I did on the air…but even more I am so thankful to Tom, Mom and Jan for coming through together! I am so very, very sure now that the afterlife is wonderful, fun, happy and something to so look forward to. I miss them so much but I can talk to them and connect with them and that helps more than I can say.

Thanks so much for being mediums on the radio show so that folks like me, who can’t really afford a one on one reading with a medium can have the opportunity to speak with our departed loved ones. I really do think that science is going to have to accept that we do live on after leaving this world and we can keep in touch with our loved ones back on earth.

I have been so fortunate to have received so many wonderful afterlife communications from my son and my mother. I keep them all documented and many include photographs. Pretty hard to argue with proof that you can see!

Much love and blessings to you,

Penny – RN, BSN
Oberlin, Ohio

In an email dated March 25th, 2007:

“I never really gave any of this any thought. When I lost my other half of almost nine years, I couldn’t believe how many times I saw stuff about mediums. I would turn on the TV and see programs about mediums. I would see things in magazines, and thought: “why is all this coming to me… is this a sign?” So I went on the internet and did a lot of research. I saw the Best Psychic Mediums website, and contacted Joanne Gerber. Of course it would be months before I was able to schedule an appointment, but she told me she would be coming to Los Angeles, and I was able to schedule an in person appointment. I scheduled my appointment for February 2007. I knew in my heart that my other half must really be trying to speak with me. I am not religious, but I prayed the week before for him to come to me, and talked to him at night in bed. I have to say that EVERYTHING that Joanne gave me in my session had a meaning. She told me that my other half wanted to tell me that he is proud of our son playing baseball and my son just started T-ball. She said, he was worried about car repairs, and just two days before the session, I had an oil change done on my car. He also wanted me to know he hears me when I talk to him in bed. All I can say is WOW! I had one person even say that maybe she hired a detective!!! I said, I know what detectives cost, and why would she spend all her money for a detective and walk away not making anything. This reading was for real. I was not a non believer before the session with Joanne, but I really didn’t care about any of this until I lost him, and I had a million signs pointing me to this. I believe I had a good reading because I opened myself one hundred percent to this, and just kept asking for him to come to me and talk to me, and he did. Fame and high prices are not always the best way to determine a good medium. I truly believe my other half helped me and guided me to Joanne. After you have had someone good, you can see the bad ones really clear. Now, after my reading, I feel my heart has opened wider. I can’t tell you how much Joanne helped me. Open your heart and mind and pray for your love ones to help guide you and I bet they will guide you to Joanne.”

With All Respect,
Christine E.- San Diego, CA

In an Email dated 3/21/07:

“Dear Joanne…I came to you when you were in Derry, New Hampshire over a year ago, and I am amazed that you told me things that were going to happen, communicating with my dear loved ones passed, and at the time what you had told me things that I had no plans of doing. Each and every thing you told me has now happened. Still amazed…you even described the new home I would move into, and when saw you I had no intentions of moving, and here I am in that home you described. Its so nice to know our loved ones are really still with us.”

Jody – Derry, NH

Email dated February 21st, 2007:

“Joanne…I attended your Spirit Chat tonight. Thank you and God Bless you for all the work that you do in helping people. The world needs a few more Joanne Gerber’s. Thanks again.”


Email dated February 21st, 2007:

“Hi, Joanne…I had a reading with you on Feb 1 and attended your Spirit Chat tonight. The reading was fabulous and has given us so much comfort. Before the death of my son, I thought I had a happy life. I’m slowly turning around the heavy heart I’ve had since his passing that is slowly lifting due to the connection he made through you. Since our meeting, now I KNOW so much of what I hadn’t considered to be real is, and I’ve been reading several books. A major reexamination of prior beliefs!”

Sue – Tolland, CT

February 6, 2007:

Joanne: I had a good appointment with you last night. After reading my notes, Anna, a friends daughter came through along with my daughter. Anna also died in a car accident at 16. You said that she sang and wanted to acknowledge love to Katie and Sarah, which made no sense to me, but then when I talked to Anna’s mom today, I found out that Katie and Sarah are Anna’s sisters. You also said she was in gymnastics, and Anna was in gymnastics. My daughter played basketball and softball. I know you have no recollection of the appointment or that you can control who comes thru but Anna tens to come through during readings because my daughter is a kind soul who always seems to allow others to get their messages to their love ones also. Some of the reading for sure was my daughter, and it helps every time I can talk with her. I hope some time in the future I get the chance to meet you. You are truly fascinating and I loved our talk last night.
Thank you for being so kind.
Take care,
Anne – Hortonville, WI

February 6th, 2007:

Hello Joanne…I met with you for a session in Lebanon a few weeks ago. I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed our session. I found you to be very accurate and was comfortable with you right away. I left our session feeling spiritually uplifted and at peace. Thank you for that.
God bless,
Denise – Vernon, VT

February 5th, 2007:

Good morning Joanne…Thank you so much for the phone session yesterday. I really wanted to connect with my dad and I am so grateful his spirit came through. It is very comforting to know that indeed he is still with us and is ok. Last night, you said that he kept showing you a gold cross. I asked my mother about it and she said she hung the cross from his funeral in their home above my bed. Thank you again for everything. My dad’s passing has been really hard which is to be expected. However, being able to reconnect with him, does make it easier. I still do wish I could give him a big hug, but I know now that he feels that.
Take care,
Victoria – Valencia, CA

You are an instrument for your Spirit to experience physical existence, in which God experiences life through you. ~ Joanne Gerber