Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

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Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?
When our physical body ceases to function, our soul leaves our body, and the memory of that particular incarnation also departs the body along with the soul. The soul eventually returns to the light, and depending upon the particular level of spiritual growth acquired or lessons learned, that soul may eventually be reborn within another entity. If we were to consciously remember our past lives, it would impair our soul’s progression in this lifetime, so therefore our memories of past lives are allocated to the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis, we can access the past life memories that are stored within the subconscious mind.

What is hypnosis?
The word hypnosis was coined from a Scottish surgeon, James Braid (1795-1860). Hypnosis is derived from the Greek word “hypnos,” which means “sleep.” Many stage hypnotists use the word “sleep” while inducing the trance state, and to the audience, it appears as if the subject was actually “sleeping.” It really is not sleep, but is a heightened state of awareness in which the subject is subconsciously focused on the suggestions being administered by the hypnotist.

Everyone has experienced some form of trance state.
Have you ever driven your car on the highway, and accidentally driven past your exit because your mind was “elsewhere”? You have experienced “highway hypnosis.” You were driving safely, and were aware of the road, but you were absorbed in thought. You were paying attention, but not paying attention, simultaneously.

Have you ever watched television or have been reading a book when someone in the same room was talking to you and you failed to hear what they were saying? You have experienced a television or reading trance. You were so deeply focused on the activity of watching the television or so absorbed in what you were reading, you were unaware of anything else taking place at the same time.

Have you ever sat at your desk at work or school and experienced a “daydream”?
Daydreams occur while we are in the trance state.

Repetitious activities such as addressing envelopes, or chopping vegetables can induce a trance state.

We may receive “inspirational guidance” while in a trance state.

Psychic and mediumistic impressions also occur within the trance state.

Our current lifetime experiences are a reflection of our past life experiences.
The religion of Buddhism refers to unfinished business as Karma, and we carry over our “Karmic debts” from one lifetime to another. With each incarnation of our souls, with each lifetime experience, we have chosen a set of lessons that we will work on for our soul to grow and evolve. Some of these lessons may vary from issues of trust to the need to experience unconditional love. For every relationship in our life we have chosen it prior to our incarnation to help us learn our lessons, whether the relationship is lifelong or short term. It includes relationships with family members, friends, coworkers, a boss or a teacher. We may feel especially close to someone, like an instant connection, as if we have known them all of our lives. It is almost like being magnetically drawn to this person, and you may even share similar likes or dislikes, backgrounds or interests. Even the people in our lives who we have had the most problems with were actually present to help us grow. Some relationships will be for a lifetime, and others will be only for a short time, but all are for a reason.

The religion of Hinduism refers to the belief that our mental and physical actions determine the actual conditions of our life. What we think and do in this lifetime will affect us in future lives. There is good and bad Karma. Through choice, which is our own free will, we have the ability to create good or bad karma.

Knowledge of your past lives can help you to see relationships in a new light. It can also help you to understand why you are so drawn to pursuing a specific career or field of study. Often times we are completing things that we were unable to complete in a past life, for whatever reason.

What can I expect to experience during a Past Life Regression Session?
Your experience during a session will be unique to your very own. Everyone has different experiences. Some people will experience very visual imagery of past lives, and others may have a more mild experience. Some will just become more aware of their own senses. Some will have a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. Some people experience images in dreams long after the session. The less you expect, the more you may get.

Could what I experience during a Past Life Regression Session just be my own imagination?
What you experience could be imagination, or it could be real. Unfortunately, this is the nature of something that does not have readily provable facts. Just because something seems real, it does not necessarily make it real. Simultaneously, if there is no way of proving it to be true, then there is no way of proving it to not be true. The discretion of this matter is entirely left up to the person having the actual experience, and they may not even know for sure. Through meditation and guided imagery, we use our imaginary mind therapeutically to help ourselves experience our own spiritual growth. A Past Life Regression Session is another method to help us grow.

Past Life Regression Sessions can be individual or group sessions. Please email or call Joanne for more details.

You are an instrument for your Spirit to experience physical existence, in which God experiences life through you. ~ Joanne Gerber