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If you have a question for the guest speaker, please feel free to submit your question at anytime during the chat by typing your question in the ASK box above, and then click on the ASK button to submit your question (or request for a reading during an evening that mini readings are being offered), and your question will be submitted directly to our monitor for review.  Due to the numerous questions and reading requests over the course of the evening, we cannot guarantee that all questions or requests for mini readings will be addressed.

Mission: Spirit Chat is a moderated, public forum that offers spiritual guidance, services, advice, consultation, and information on spiritual subjects. It is a non discriminatory place that allows spiritually minded people to gather, discuss, and share spiritual thoughts, wisdom, and philosophies. Our purpose is to bring education, enlightenment, and healing to the spiritual community.

Most Spirit Chats are moderated events. You will be expected to follow good citizenship rules when attending this chat room. People who indulge in behavior that is considered by the moderator or other participants to be disharmonious or disruptive, may be booted off the site, and/or banned from returning. We welcome you to this site, but ask that you please be respectful!

Disclaimer: Although all of the Spirit Chat guest speakers are both talented and gifted in their field, Joanne Gerber does not endorse any particular guest speaker or practitioner’s views, opinions, consultation, or advice. Although they may offer consultation or advice, they are not to be thought of as replacements for doctors, lawyers, professional counselors, or therapists; therefore, their consultation and advice and services of any sort must be considered for entertainment only. Please note that any and all information, consultation, interpretation, or divination you may receive by any intuitive, psychic, medium, spiritual teacher, channel, tarot reader, astrologer, or healer on this site or in the chat room is provided for entertainment only.
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You are an instrument for your Spirit to experience physical existence, in which God experiences life through you. ~ Joanne Gerber